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Comments About Journey of HeartsTM
2001 to 2002 - Part 2

I want to thank you for your web page. My husband lost his parents in 1999, 4 months apart, with his dad was killed in a car wreck only 2 months after we got married.

My husband has filed for divorce and is obviously not sure he did the right thing, but won't turn back. I knew he took his dad's death very hard, which I have no idea of the pain because I have mine, but knowing when mine had a heart attack and had to have triple bypass, just the thought of losing him was horrible, but also know he keeps things bottled up. He rejects the idea that he needs help but with comments he's made since we 1st separated 2 months ago, it became very obvious that him losing his dad was the reason for his actions and back and forth with what he wants. He's pushed me away, the rest of his family and goes to work and then wants everyone to "just leave me alone".

After reading about depression and your web site, I'm hoping that if he reads your site (if he's willing) that maybe he can see himself. His brother always tells him to "get over it" which to me is cold but anyone to avoid rambling, thanks and I PRAY that he will read it and maybe see that grieving is what is causing the changes in him and that he's "normal" and it's o.k. to cry and he doesn't have to pretend to be "happy" around me. I feel like he's between anger and depression because of what he says and how he's withdrawing from everyone.
I love my husband with all my heart and want to stand by him and be as supportive as I can be and again PRAY that he can realize that the problems we have and his lack of feeling love for me or family is part of depression etc. and it will get better at some point and it's not worth throwing our marriage away.


My sister sent me your web site and I have passed it on to several of our friends who have also lost a child. We have five children and lost our only daughter Annie age 18 in a car accident just four miles from our family farm, 1 1/2 years ago. It seems like yesterday, and my husband and I are still grieving terribly, to the point where neither one of us care whether we live or die. Our four boys are not dealing with their sisters death at all, and I can see the toll it is taking on them also.

Your site is wonderful, and I thank you for sharing it with parents like myself. People speak of heartache, but after you have lost a child, it is no longer a figure of speech, there is literally a pain in your heart no words can describe. My daughter had gotten a small butterfly on the top of her foot, so your section of Butterflies & Blazes was of special interest to myself and to some of Annie's friends who wanted to get a butterfly tattoo but didn't know why.

Thank you is all I can say.

Marcia Diemert

Absolutely a marvelous site! Thank you for all the hard work / time / energy that went in to creating it.
Once again, a marvelous web site!
Jammer (Willow Miranda)

I have just found your site. It is wonderful and very interesting.
I lost my 16-year-old daughter 3years ago. I also lost my best friend of 14 years, my collie Lassie. it was one day before the three year anniversary of my daughters death. Then on August 31st 2001 a close family friends daughter and her boyfriend were murdered.

This was like having a 2nd surgery and being cut on the same scar. I have been on antidepressant for 5 years now and they say I'll have to stay on them for the rest of my life.

M Clark

Thank you for your wonderful website, I found to be an inspiration, sadness, but yet knowing I am not fighting this battle alone. I have posttraumatic syndrome. This will be for all my life.
Debbie Hall

I just wanted to write a short note to say that I have found this site most inspiring and helpful and plan to visit it daily as I am experiencing a most painful grief. I lost my mother to cancer 3 weeks ago today and am suffering terribly over it as it was very sudden and unexpected. I was referred to your site to help me with my anguish and grief. Thank you very much for your caring in putting a much needed site together.
Sincerely always,
Melissa Kalson

Thank you for the site and all your hard work in caring for other people, there are so few real angels around that I have found, it feels great to meet a real one.
Lots of love and thanks,

I read the poem "In Memory Of" and it really helped. It said how I feel. I recently lost my husband to suicide and have been having a really hard time of it. I read a lot and love poetry. Thatís how I ended up on your page...
Again I just wanted to Thank You....

I just recently found your web site and have enjoyed reading through every area of it. I have a dear friend that lost her husband and all 4 of her children in a plane crash, leaving her the only survivor of a wonderful family. Your site has given me more strength to be able to handle, or should I say help a friend who has gone through such a loss. Her loss has dramatically changed her life as well as all of us who try to help her on a daily basis, the poems and stories you have supplied are a great inspiration and helpful in maker her day a little brighter, Thank you.
When this accident occurred the medical professions at the hospital had no idea where to send anyone or offer any suggestions as to how to help a person with this type of loss because they had never experienced anything like it themselves.
Thank you.Sincerely,
Pam Wickstrom

What a great site! I loved your sight, I am interested in the area of bereavement. I am a nurse by first education. I want to explore opportunities in this area.
Thank You for your work,
Dory O'Toole

Thank you for providing such a wonderful website to help people through the most difficult period of their lives. I have found the site very helpful and comforting, following the loss of my mother, who was also my best friend. Your website is fantastic and has offered me great comfort as am I trying to come to terms with the loss of my mother, who was also my best friend.

So far, I had only been able to cope due to the help of another Dyer, my Reverend, Terry Dyer, who is giving me bereavement counselling.

Thank you once again for helping with this wonderful site. Thank you once again for such a wonderful site which has given me so much comfort during the long nights when I can't sleep.

I was on the site for at least 2 hours last night from 3.00am-5.00am and again today. It is already bookmarked so I can go straight to it when I need strength and I feel alone.

Thank you once again Kirsti for providing so much help and information, especially health concerns, as I have been amazed at how much physical pain I have experienced.

Best regards and wishing you continued success with your career and website.


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Thank you for the cyber lifesaver.
K.L. Thomas

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