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Comments About Journey of HeartsTM
From 2000 - Part 1

The comments below are just some sent to Journey of HeartsTM during 2000:

I have found your site to be very helpful so far. I have told my friends of your site and I hope that they to will visit it.
Congratulations on a brilliant site. I am nearly 7 years post bone marrow transplant for NHL. I now facilitate & co-ordinate volunteers & carers who have been through this journey. We go in pairs & visit patients going through a transplant or dealing with a blood disorders & are inpatients in acute care units. As well as the visits we offer telephone counselling, we are all trained in basic counselling skills.

I write a newsletter to the volunteers & in need of ongoing inspiration for myself & for them, your pages are giving me that.

I have found very few Drs with a gift of communicating & listening, I am trying to spread the word & attend training days for medical students set up by my own GP, their techniques are videoed & hopefully getting them in the early stages of their careers will make an impact down the line.

Keep up the good work

Rhondda (Australia)
Westmead in Sydney NSW
Hi there!
I ran into this site looking for the words to Sarah's song 'In the Arms of the Angel'! I was shocked at the amount of support I saw here, and have bookmarked this site! Its lovely!
I thoroughly enjoyed the site!
Thanks Much.
Robin Lee
You were there at my worst moment.
My wife of 49 years died on Dec. 2, 1999. I found your pages while seeking help on the internet. I spent the rest of the next night reading and printing out those messages which pulled me through the next 30 days of my grief stricken existence. Now 6 weeks after her death I read those messages of hope, poems and when the tears are heaviest, they lift me out of my depression. Thank you for being there your site pulled me through the night and continues to be there for me.
Part 2: I should include your site as the third resource for help because its only a flick of the switch away in those moments when I break up at home with no place to turn.
Bob Rosenblum
I just thought I would let you know how colorful and lifting your site is. My husband died Aug. of 99 and I am trying to survive. I have our daughter, so thank God for her. I see no purpose for my living now, but I know I must keep going until I see I reason for my being here. Anymore, I spend hours surfing the net trying to find words or something to help me, something to give me hope. Your site is very cheery and many of the things you have posted brought a smile or tears. All that is healthy, or so they tell me. Anyway thanks, I appreciate all the work you have put into this.

Thank you

Rosa Chang
I found your site on & decided out of curiosity to check it out. I am very glad that I did.
I lost my last grandparent the week after xmas. My neighbor/friend lost her sister to cancer last week, after having lost her mother to cancer last year. I know 2 people who have children who's cancer has fallen out of remission, & I face that same horrible possibility myself. I thought I might find some stories & poems of hope & inspiration to pass on to the people who need them the most right now, & I can't wait to pass on the info of this website to friends with internet access!

My son who just turned 5 last month was diagnosed with Leukemia shortly before his 2nd birthday. While this was devastating to us, he was quickly in remission & we had high hopes for the future. I don't think the whole thing really made an impact on me until we neared the 1yr anniversary of his diagnosis which occurred around the xmas holidays & the birth of our next child. I found myself terrified to love my new son because of a silly thought that maybe God had given me this new child to nurture & give me something to live for, so he could take my other son. I eventually got over this fear & can't imagine life without my youngest.

My 5-year-old stopped his chemotherapy just over 6months ago & now we are playing "wait & see" with monthly blood checks to monitor his progress. For me this is almost worse than the actual chemo was because I live in fear that he will fall out of remission & I will still lose him. I have seen 2 children who were receiving chemo for other types of cancer at the same time Aaron was ( who we became close with) fall out of remission in the last few months & I watch their parents face my worst nightmare of the more than likely possibility that they will lose their child now.

I am thankful that I found this site, & hope to recommend it to several people including my son's doctors & nurses who face the devastating loss of their pediatric patients while continuing to give us the best care they possibly can!

Thank you for this site, I hope to visit it often!

Judy Lyon
Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your beautiful, wonderful and awesome web site.

I have a debilitating disease. One of my younger sisters had a breast removed because of cancer. My Mom is on dialysis. Friends, co-workers, family, and strangers--we are all suffering.

Thanks for the uplift.

Bonnie J. Ross
Thank-you. I have just found your web site, from a link on and it is lovely. I have marked it to come back to and have taken some quotes to think and write about in my journal. I started this journal with the loss of my marriage, and now have two dear friends with life threatening illnesses.
I did not realize how much I needed your tool for nourishing my own soul. This has come at the right time.
Thank-you again,
M Glassie
I just wanted to say thank you for your web page.


Leesa Thomas

What a beautiful page. Thank you.
Nancy Bonnevier
Your Pages are wonderful!
I am a Metaphyscial Minister and have added your Page to my 'link list'. Thank you so much for taking the time to do a page like this:-)

Most Sincerely,

Rev Jack Bittler
I am writing a non-fiction book titled A CONDITION OF LIMBO: Chronicles of a Daughterís Unconditional Love. Written in remembrance of my terminally ill father, now deceased. He suffered with cancer and dementia. In the book, I would like to refer to your web site so others can be informed.

I would like to know if you would grant me permission to refer to the site. Please advise me at your earliest convenience. I am attaching a synopsis of the book.

Thank you.

Barbie Perkins-Cooper
Thank you so much
Thank you for creating the Journey of Hearts web site. I have put a link to your page on my new life page of poetry and I am sure it will help those who visit.

With prayerful respect,

Viola Doncaster. :o)
Comfort in Sorrow
I hope this finds you well... I have been undergoing a metamorphosis of gigantic proportions (at least to me it is gigantic!) I am shedding the cocoon of my past. It is a slow process, but I am dealing with the issues of my mother's murder and dad's suicide.

You have a very special place in my life. It was 1998 when you put my poem, The Angelic Butterfly, in the Butterflies and Blazes section of A Journey of Hearts. That started things for me and I wanted to share my ramblings with you since I do consider you a special part of my miracle.

Well, I will close for now. Take good care and may the angels continue to bless you and A Journey of Hearts!

Angelically yours,


The information you are supplying is so wonderful. I am so impressed.

I am making a presentation to a group of professionals ande paraprofessionals at a convention for the EArly Mental Health Initiative (also known as PIP). These educators work with children between the ages of kindergarten and third grade and their parents. I would be very eager to share some of the
information you have on the website with the staff if you would be willing to provide me with permission. I will, of course, refer them to the website during the presentation for on-going reference but anything that I could distribute for those participants that don't have access to the internet would be helpful as well. Could you advise me?

I am a school psychologist with Fowler Unified School District. We had some difficulties with mourning issues as two young teenage girls were killed by a drunk driver. The fall-out throughout this tiny community was extensive. We want to help our community deal with their pain and recovery. Thanks in advance for any opportunities for assistance you may be willing to supply.

Linda Mourer

Your website is such a needed place for those who are loosing or have lost someone they love. My mom died in January of lung cancer. We were extremely close so of course I felt a lot of emotions especially heartbreak. Your site had some beautiful moving pieces that helped a lot. I have since been on AOL health message boards helping support those going through this tough time. It helps me to be a friend to others that feel like they are the only ones feeling such pain. I have made a lot of friends and hope someday to go back to college and help in a clinical environment. Thank you for your site and thank you for seeing that we need a place to log on when feeling grief loss.

Yours truly

L Fresina

I will be again visiting your site Journey of Hearts, for we know it is a journey of slipping and slide forward and sometimes the other way too. Thank you for the helping hand dear friend, both before and now


Marion Stewart

Some time ago I sent you comments about your wonderful web site. I still think it's quite wonderful and have linked you to my own web site. I appear on your comments page in name only. I noticed that some of the comments have links back to the contributors. If you choose to keep me on your comments page in future updates you may link my name to my web page at the server if you wish to.

Thanks Again, for your wonderful mission; you can't possibly know all the peace that your site had brought to those are so desperately searching for an answer that eludes us all...temporarily .... In peace and hope......

Deacon Bob McGovern
New Jersey
Seton Hall University

Your site is very inspiring and beautiful. Great selection of quotes and incredible people.

Take Care,


Thank you! Your website is fabulous! What a welcome find in this often hectic, scary world!

God Bless,


What a necessary, important and beautiful website; much better than other websites I have visited. I found this through, a great resource of grief and bereavement links.

My only suggestion is to be able to e-mail pages to friends. I would love to share this website with others.

I lost my fiancé 4 months ago. I lost my mom last year. Losing my fiancé has been harder than losing my mom. I'm not saying losing mom was easy. Just different.

My lesson so far? To take one day at a time. It's been very difficult to work full-time and do the things I need to take care of myself; itís a struggle just to do the day-to-day stuff in addition to the things I need to do to heal. But I need the structure and social contact of work. It's the missing part I think that's the hardest, because that person is irreplaceable. I still feel anger. I know that I will move on. I will be different. I just don't know how.

Thank you again for this wonderful website.



Thank God for special people. I cannot begin to measure the value I have received in one week from Journey of Hearts.

I must have a biopsy next week and the news has rocked my sould to its very foundation. I have entered a transition of immeasurable proportion. I am always amazed at how God puts before us exactly what we need at the moment, if only we open ourselves up to this. NOt only do I need the biopsy, but one close rriend had breast cancer surgery 3 weeks agao and another has a biopsy next week on her lung. Being that we are all under 55 and all women, it has shaken me to the core, but also given me a whole new strength. Also, my mother is in the final stages of Alzheimer's and has not eaten in 10 days. It has transformed me.

I have reached out to family, friends and strangers in a way I have never been able to before. What is unbelievable, is how they all respond. My greates find is Journey of Hearts. I thank God for all the truly miraculous souls participating in this site.

Donna Pryor

Stumbled upon your website and really appreciate the many words of encouragement. Thank you for your hard work and dedication...

My father-in-law died of cancer two days ago. I visited your web-site and was compelled to write to you.

When they told me that he was diagnosed with cancer, it was as if a huge weight had been placed on my shoulders. With each piece of news, the weight felt different. Progress and hopefulness made the weight feel lighter. Bad news, of course, added more weight. No, it's Non-Hodgkin's, they said. Heavier. The chemotherapy had no effect. Heavier. It's terminal; no more treatments; in-home hospice: crushing weight. When we got word that he had left us, the weight was gone. In it's place was the empty void inside of losing him and wanting him back.

I thought it would be easier. I thought I would be prepared. But the only difference in experiencing death this way was that the weight on my shoulders went away. I'm so glad that the sickness and suffering is over. But all the same, I wish I could tell all those out there with loved ones who suffer that the grief will be no easier. It's just that the weight on their shoulders will be gone and they will suffer in a different way after the death.

I hope that my new understanding will help others.

Thank you for your compassionate web-site.

Sue O'Bannon
Bala Cynwyd, PA

Hi there! Let me introduce myself... My name is Sheri Gardner. Iím a sophomore in high school and while surfing the web i came across your site. I lost my Grandfather during the summer of 98 to bone cancer. And it seems that I miss him more everyday. First let me say that your site is wonderful. It really helped me.
Thank you for your time.
Sheri Gardner

I would like permission to put your poem IN MEMORY OF YOU in the Windsor Star as a memorial for my sister who will have been in eternal life 10 years on October 24, 2000. She was only 26 years old and had two young boys 2 and 4.
I read your poem and want to be able to express the feelings you provide in that poem to everyone who takes the time to read the memorian. Please let me know if it is okay for me to use your poem.


Katherine Labbe

I have a homepage on AOL in memory of my husband who died in 96 in a car accident. I would like to know if I can link some of these poems in my page so others can link to your site and enjoy the wonderful healing messages you have



G'day and may I say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for such a WONDERFUL SITE! I could have used this site 4 years ago when I lost my dog of 16 years. As it is, I've found you now and am happy (I saw someone recommend your site while I was in a chat room).

I hope you have a faaaaaaaantastic day!

Liz C

I visited your Journey of Hearts and really appreciate the premise it was built on. A wealth of wonderful ideas and info! You have put a lot of heart and soul into the site.

I recently created an eGroup for the purpose of offering support and friendship to those whose lives have been touched by cancer. For folks on that "Cancer Carousel", if you will. We are 11 members strong and growing with over 150 postings.

Currently, we are working on a new website of the same name "THE CAROUSEL OF HOPE.Ē As we proceed, I would love to link with your site and maybe use some things found in the Journey Of Hearts. Of course I would certainly be happy to give credits to your site.

I was surprised when I surfed in to your site, because, I had a lot of the same ides for my Carousel Of Hope. Once I get the initial pages up, would love to expand to include Child Abuse, Spousal Abuse,
Missing Children, Troubled Teens and Foster Care. Sounds like a big bill. As the saying goes,"One small step at a time".

Again, I have bookmarked The Journey Of Hearts and will return often. Would appreciate your response regarding my use of some of your things for THE CAROUSEL OF HOPE. When we get the first page up, I would like to send it to you

Take care

I am astonished and delighted to find your beautiful Journey of Hearts website. I am a counselor/ chaplain at the V.A. Medical Center in Grand Junction, Colorado. In my training I focused on Bereavement counseling and worked with Hilltop Hospice (which is not called Hospice of the Grand Valley). This was many years ago (1973-) After the death of my husband I went to Healing Arts School in Crestone, Co. When I returned home, I started a private practice integrating emotional healing work with therapeutic body work. I called it HEALING HEARTS. I closed this practice when I began a somewhat different specialty yet related: pastoral care training and spent four years studying theology adjunct to working at V.A.

I just got a home computer and am learning how to connect with other with other websites. I have a loving network of friends who are working to heal their grief and we are in the process of creating OASIS friends, one another strengthen and supported in Spirit.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to make this divine connection! a small miracle. Your site is an ideal model and I am sure it has inspired many with comfort and inspiration.
Thank you, ...Astonished and Delighted.


I just want to say thank you for such a wonderful site. A place where one can visit broken, and leave feeling whole. I want to thank you for the help you gave me along the journey that I have been on.
I have realized that there is always HOPE.

God Bless You and may He hide you in the depth of His love, and cover you with His hands.

Awaiting His Shout


My mother is about to die and I don't know how I am going to live that moment.
I congratulate you for this site!


Just wanted to tell you that I love the site. I have passed it on to a friend of mine who has also recently gone through some tough times (lost a sister to cancer 3 years ago, and her mom had a massive stroke last week, and is still [in the hospital] recovering).

You are truly a special physician, your compassion and your strength show through in this web site.
You have truly touched my life.



Just wanted to thank you for this website. My girlfriend sent me this website, you were filling in for her doctor who was on vacation and commented what a neat doctor you were.

Having lost my sister has constantly put a void in my life. Her and I were inseparable. Trying to move on has been so difficult and she has been gone almost 4 yrs. Hopefully through your website I will be able to heal.
You are truly as asset to your field. I wish we had more compassionate doctors like you in this world. Many blessings your way.


Jeannette Hughey

We met a few years ago at an AAB conference. I was just at your web page looking for pages to refer my loss, grief and dying students to. The page is really great! I'm so glad that you addressed loss as a universal experience.

BTW, since we met my husband of 32 years has died. He had CLL, which triggered ITP. He ended up dying of septicemia.

I am now doing seminars for PESI Health Care on end of life issues, as well as teaching two sections of Loss, Grief, and Dying for Cochise College in southeastern Arizona.

Hope all is well with you.

Enid Scwhartz

I was looking for Balloons Belong in Church, and there you were!
Steve Hogg

Read More Comments from 2000

You were there at my worst moment. My wife of 49 years died on Dec. 2, 1999. I found your pages while seeking help on the internet. I spent the rest of the next night reading and printing out those messages which pulled me through the next 30 days of my grief stricken existence. Now 6 weeks after her death I read those messages of hope, poems and when the tears are heaviest, they lift me out of my depression.
Thank you for being there.
Your site pulled me through the night & continues to be there for me.
Bob Rosenblum

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