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The Grief Doc
Physician - Internal Medicine, Medical Internet 
Grief & Loss Specialist
Domain Creator - Journey of Hearts™ Website

This page provides a targeted version of my Curriculum Vitae including certifications and background in the emerging field of grief, loss and bereavement and traumatic stress, my employment and education history, a listing of my publications relating to grief, loss and bereavement.


  • GUEST LECTURER - California Maritime Academy, February 2002 - "How to Cope with Loss, Grief, Death & Dying—Professionally & Personally" for the California State University, Maritime Social Science course on "Dying: The Final Stage of Living."
  • AUTHOR - Supercourse, University of Pittsburgh, January 2002 - "Ethical Challenges on the Medical and Healthcare Internet."
  • CME LECTURER - Medical Grand Rounds, Kaiser Permanente, November 2001 - "Identifying Loss(es) and the Grief Response in our Patients."
  • CURRICULUM CONTRIBUTOR - "Journey of Hearts: From Idea to Reality" presented at the ITCH 2000 in August is included Topics and Readings list for MINF 520 Consumer Healthcare Informatics, as an example of Patient education and informatics for this Oregon Health Sciences University Graduate Spring 2001 course in medical informatics.
  • PRESENTATION AUTHOR - Medinfo 2001, Tenth World Congress on Health and Medical Informatics, September 2001 - London, England. Paper "Medical Internet Ethics: A Field in Evolution."
  • INSTRUCTOR - Somatic Aspects of Loss and Grief, U.C Berkeley Extension, Summer 2001.
  • GUEST PRESENTER - AMSA (American Medical Student Association) 51st Annual Convention, March 2001 Anaheim, California - "Dealing with Death and Dying in Medical Education and Practice."
  • PRESENTER, "Journey of Hearts: From Idea to Reality," ITCH (Information Technology in Community Health) 2000, Victoria, BC, Canada, August 2000.
  • POSTER AUTHOR - AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association) Annual Symposium, November 2000 - Converging Information, Technology and Health Care, Los Angeles, CA. Poster "Journey of Hearts: A Web Site for Web-education on Grief, Loss & Depression."
  • CME LECTURER - Creativity and Madness, Psychological Studies of Art and Artists, December 2000 - "Healing from Grief Using a Website, Color, Writing, Poetry and Wilderness Therapy." Sponsored by the American Institute of Medical Education - Maui, Hawaii.
    Grief, Loss & Bereavement and Traumatic Stress Background

    > 250 hours of Continuing Medical Education, Post Graduate Level Training.
  • Clinical Case Seminar in Loss and Grief, U.C Berkeley Extension, Summer 2001.
  • Cross Cultural Aspects of Loss and Grief, U.C Berkeley Extension, Spring 2001.
  • Loss and Grief with Children, Youth and Families, U.C Berkeley Extension, Spring 2001.
  • Spirituality, Loss and Grief, U.C Berkeley Extension, Fall 2000.
  • Changing Paradigms in Loss and Grief for the New Century Symposium July 1999, U.C Berkeley Extension.
  • Clinical Issues in Loss and Grief, U.C Berkeley Extension. Fall 1997
  • Renewing Life - a program for those touched by life-threatening illness, their support persons, & staff persons. Fall 1995

  • Bereavement Facilitator Certificate Award Program, The American Academy of Bereavement, Certified October 1998.
  • Exploring and Enhancing Spirituality: How to Care for the Spiritual Needs of the Sick, Dying and Bereaved, sponsored by the American Academy of Bereavement. July 1999.

  • POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER - Clinical Training at the National Center for PTSD, Department of Veterans Center, Menlo Park, October 1999
  • Aftermath of Trauma: Implications for Clinical Practice, Kaiser Permanente, Fall 2002.
  • Board Certification Bereavement Trauma, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. March 1999.
  • Board Certification Expert in Traumatic Stress, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. December 1999.
  • Fellow, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. July 2000.
  • Trauma Survivors: Patterns of Response and Treatment, U.C Berkeley Extension, Fall 1995.

  • Managing Crisis & Trauma: How to Use Crisis Debriefing When Responding to Crisis & Trauma, CMI Education Institute, January 2002.
  • Critical Incident Stress Management: Basic Training Course, U.C Berkeley Extension, Spring 1999. Certification by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation.

  • EPEC (Education for Physicians on End-of-Life Care) Training Program, AMA's End-of-life Care Section of the Institute for Ethics and California Coalition for Compassionate Care - September 2001.
  • PAIN: Latest Assessment and Treatment Strategies, Cortext Educational Seminars - August 2001.
  • End of Life Care for the Hospitalized Patient, University of California San Francisco - October 2000.

  • MEDICAL ART THERAPY - Medical Art Therapy, Post-Graduate Level Course, U.C Berkeley Extension, Spring 1999.
  • POETRY THERAPY - Forming Community and Revealing Uniqueness Through Poem-Making, National Foundation for Integrative Medicine, March 1999.
  • MINDFULNESS MEDITATION - Mindfulness in Medicine: Reduce Stress and Increase Work Satisfaction for Physicians & Healthcare Providers, Kaiser Permanente, Fall 2001.

  • Employment
    INTERNAL MEDICINE PHYSICIAN, Adult Primary Care, Feb. 2001 - Present, Kaiser Permanente, Walnut Creek, CA
    INTERNAL MEDICINE PHYSICIAN May - Dec. 2000, Mary Newberger, MD, Concord, CA
    INTERNAL MEDICINE PHYSICIAN Aug. - Nov. 2000, Walnut Creek Medical Group, CA
    INTERNAL MEDICINE PHYSICIAN July 1999, Sept. 1999, Diablo Valley Specialists in Internal Medicine, Concord, CA
    INTERNAL MEDICINE PHYSICIAN Sept. 1999, Dr. Donald K. Westbie, Pleasanton, CA
    INTERNAL MEDICINE PHYSICIAN May 1999 - July 1999, North Bay HealthCare Medical Clinic, Vacaville, CA
    INTERNAL MEDICINE PHYSICIAN Feb. 1999 - April 1999, NovaCare, Inc. Cupertino, CA

    INTERNAL MEDICINE & EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT PHYSICIAN Sept. 1997 - Feb. 1999, Glenn Medical Center, Willows, CA, INTERIM MEDICAL DIRECTOR Sept. 97 - June 1998
    PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN April 1997 - Oct. 1997, Family Health Centers of Planned Parenthood, Concord, CA
    INTERNAL MEDICINE PHYSICIAN Oct. 1996 - July 1997, Muir Primary Care, Lafayette, CA
    INTERNAL MEDICINE PHYSICIAN Jan 1997 - Feb. 1997, Temporary replacement following death of Dr. Karl Ahlborn, Muir Health Care Network Walnut Creek, CA
    PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN Oct. 1996 - July 1997, Immediate Care Clinic, Walnut Creek, CA
    Aug. 1996 - June 1998, Del Puerto Hospital, Patterson, CA
    Sept. 1996 - Oct. 1996, Mark Twain St. Joseph's Hospital, San Andreas, CA

  • GRADUATE STUDENT, MEDICAL INFORMATICS 2000 - Present, Oregon Health Sciences University, Distance Learning Program in Medical Informatics
  • INTERNAL MEDICINE RESIDENCY 1994 – 1996 Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara, CA University of Southern California Affiliate
  • PRELIMINARY YEAR, SURGERY 1993 – 1994, University of San Francisco-Fresno Education Program, University (Valley) Medical Center and Veteran's Hospital, Fresno, CA
  • PRELIMINARY YEAR, INTERNAL MEDICINE 1992 – 1993, University of San Francisco-Fresno Education Program, University (Valley) Medical Center and Veteran's Hospital, Fresno, CA
  • MEDICAL DEGREE June 1992, University of California, Davis School of Medicine
  • MASTERS OF SCIENCE, COMPARATIVE PATHOLOGY Sept. 1986, University of California, Davis Concentrations in Immunology, Immunopathology and Medical Parasitology
  • BACHELORS OF ARTS, WITH HONORS May 1984, California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) Majors: Biological Science (Human Biology and Microbiology), Chemistry

  • Partial Publications
    See What's New section of the Journey of Hearts™ site for the latest articles and additions written as part of the redesign.
    Dyer, KA. Caring For The Person, Not Just The Patient In End-of-Life Care. Dealing with Death & Dying in Medical Education and Practice. AMSA's 51st Annual Convention, Friday, March 30, 2001.
    Dyer KA. Quoted by Hope Vanderberg "Conference Summary: Skirting the Issues of End-of-Life Care." Medscape Medstudents. May 18, 2001. Note: Accessing this article requires a free registration at the Medscape site.
    Dyer KA. The Road Now Taken, One Woman Doctor's Journey through medicine. Part 1,, March 2001.
    Dyer KA. The Road Lightly Traveled: Part-time Medicine. Part 2,, March 2001.
    Dyer KA. The Potential Impact of CODES on Team Members: Examining Medical Education Training. Trauma Response Fall/Winter 2001;7:19-21.
    Dyer KA. A Granddaughter's Tribute to Her Grandmother. Last Acts Newsletter: Care and Caring at the nd of Life. Winter 2000 Vol. 6. p. 7.
    Dyer, KA. Caring for the Person, Not Just the Patient. June 6, 2000 Open Forum Section, Last Acts Website.
    Dyer KA. Thompson CD. Internet Use for Web-education on the Overlooked Areas of Grief and Loss. CyberPsychology and Behavior. 2000; 3(2):255-270.
    Dyer KA. Learning to Let Go: The Patient Becomes the Teacher. Female Physician. Spring 2000 p.9.
    Dyer, KA. Case for Incorporating Critical Incident Stress Techniques into CODE BLUE Teams with Residents and Medical Student Team Members. Paper prepared for Critical Incident Stress Management: Basic Training Course, U.C Berkeley Extension, Spring 1999.
    Dyer, KA. Quoted by Dana James in Deep Impact The New Physician. 1999;48:16-19, 21. (An article on medical student and resident abuse issues.)
    Dyer KA, Thompson CD, Reis O, Romer S. Using the Internet for Patient and Physician Web-education and Health Promotion. World Congress for the Internet and Medicine, MEDNET 1998, London, England.
    Dyer KA. A Cry From Within. West J. Med. 1998: 169:251-2.
    Dyer KA. Healers and Healing: Learning to Let Go. On website.
    Dyer KA. Are We Losing the He(art) of Medicine? California Physician 1997;14:14.
    Dyer KA. The Road not Taken. West J Med. 1996;164:369-70.
    Dyer KA. Warm and Fuzzy: The Magical Calming Nature of Hedgehogs. Peace of Hope. Spring 1996 Number 13, p. 7-8.
    Dyer KA. "Angel" [poem] in Peace of Hope. Winter 1996. Number 12, p. 18.
    Dyer KA. and Romer SK. Messages from the Heart; A Journey in Healing. Self-publication. A Collection of Poetry. Spring 1996.
    Dyer KA. The Toxic Intern Syndrome Revisited: Genetics vs. Environment. Sac Med. 1996;47:16.
    Dyer KA. Dr. KA .Dyer, Medicine Woman. Editorial. California Physician. 1995;12:12.
    Dyer KA. They Just Fade Away. American J Med. 1995;99:321-2.
    Dyer KA. The Resident's Rat Race: Do We Need Work Hour Reform? California Physician. 1995:12:32-4.
    Dyer KA. Grievance Issues and Resident Abuse: Resources Available. JAMA. 1995;274:41.
    Dyer KA. Resident Abuse: Time to Be Recognized. JAMA. 1995;273:288g.
    Dyer KA. Interpreting Toxic Intern Syndrome. West J Med.  1994;161:192.
    Dyer KA. Toxic Intern Syndrome. West J Med. 1994:160:378-9.
    Dyer KA. It's Not the End of the World. JAMA. 1993;269:1184.
    Dyer KA. The intolerable imperfection of medical judgment. American Medical News. June 1, 1992;35:60,62.
    Dyer KA. Reshaping Our Views of Death and Dying. JAMA. 1992;267:1265,1269-70.
    Name withheld. A Warm Gesture. JAMA. 1992;267:743.
    Dyer KA. It's O.K. Southern Med. J.  1991;84:90-1.
    Dyer KA. Fleeting Moments. West J Med. 1990;152:195.
    Dyer KA. It's O.K. HAN 400 Gross Anatomy Syllabus, UCD. Fall 1990 to 1994, now accessible through U.C Davis Medical Student's Website.
    Dyer KA. Hospice: A New Elective for Ambulatory Care. Pathway News. Newsletter of the Predoctoral Education Program. (U.C. Davis) Vol. VII, No. 3 Spring 1991, pp. 6-7.


    Professional Associations
    American Medical Informatics Association, 1998 - Present 
    American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, 1998 - Present
    Member California Medical Association (CMA), 1989 - Present
    Member American Medical Association, 1989 - Present
    Alameda Contra Costa Medical Society, 1998 - Present
    International Society of Mental Health On-line (ISMHO), Member 2000 - Present
    American Academy of Bereavement, 1998 - Present
    American Medical Informatics Association, Working Group on the Internet, and Primary Care.
    National Association of Poetry Therapy, 1998 - 2001
    International Arts-Medicine Association, 1999 - 2001
    CMA Committee on the Well Being of Physicians, 1999 - 2002
    Physician Wellness Foundation, International Advisory Board, Member 1998 - 1999
    Society for the Internet in Medicine, 1998 - 2000 
    MEDNET ‘99: Chairperson - Medical Education and Professional Training Track
    Associate Member American College of Physicians, 1994 - 2000
    American Medical Women's Association, Member 1989-1992, 1997-2000
    American Medical Women's Association, President Branch #505. Davis. 1989-1991 
    Member American Medical Student's Association. 1989-1992
    International Webmaster's Association Member, 1999 - 2000 
    HTML Writer's Guild, 1998 - 2000

    PRESENTER, MEDNET ‘99 September 1999 Heidelberg, Germany.
    Tutorial/Workshop - "Learn HTML In Heidelberg"
    Presentation - "Lessons & Insights Learned from Creating a Unique Integrative Medical Website for Web-education"
    PRESENTER & E-RESEARCHER, Internet Resources on Grief, Loss, PTSD and Bereavement – Fall 1999 for the National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and to be used in subsequent courses.
    PRESENTER & E-RESEARCHER, Grief and Loss Internet Resources - Summer 1999 for U.C Berkeley Extension course, Changing Paradigms in Loss and Grief for the New Century.
    PRESENTER & E-RESEARCHER, Medical Art Therapy Internet Resources - Summer 1999 for U.C Berkeley Extension course, Medical Art Therapy.
    PRESENTER, MEDNET ‘98 November 1998 London, England. Electronic Poster Presentation, "Using the Internet for Patient and Physician Web-education and Health Promotion" at the World Congress on the Internet in Medicine.
    ORGANIZER/INITIATOR - Remembrance Service for patients lost by Resident Physician House Staff, Cottage Hospital, Santa Barbara, CA, Spring 1996.
    GRAND ROUNDS PRESENTER, Psychoneuroimmunology, Fall 1995. Santa Barbara, CA.
    PRESENTER, Morbidity and Mortality, Analysis of a Death, Spring 1996. Santa Barbara.
    JOURNAL CLUB LEADER, Death and Dying Issues, DNR Orders, Winter 1995. Santa Barbara, CA.
    PRESENTER MORNING REPORT, How to Declare a Death, Summer 1995. Santa Barbara.
    PRESENTER CLINICAL PEARLS, Recognizing Signs of Domestic Violence, Fall 1995. Santa Barbara. PRESENTER CLINICAL PEARLS, Delivering Bad News to Patients, Fall 1994. Santa Barbara, CA.
    ETHICS COMMITTEE MEMBER, Cottage Hospital Santa Barbara, 1994-1996.
    AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION - Physician Recognition Award in Continuing Medical education with Commendation for Self Directed Learning, Valid May 1, 2000 - May 1, 2003.
    AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Young Physicians Section (AMA-YPS) 1999 Community Service Award - This award was given in recognition of the hard work in developing the Journey of Hearts™ website, as "an excellent example of the achievements young physicians can make in the community."
    NOMINEE - Top 25 Women on the Web, 2001, for her innovative online work with the Journey of Hearts™ website devoted to providing information, education and inspiration in the overlooked areas of grief and loss.
    NOMINEE Temple Awards for Creative Altruism 2000 with the Institute for Noetic Sciences. Dr. Dyer was nominated for this Award based on her work with Journey of Hearts™ as a perfect example of altruistic activity that is reaching out and helping both American society and the international communities.

    JOURNEY OF HEARTS™ - To date the websites have received over 55 awards in a variety of different categories: medical, nursing, emergency services, psychiatry, bereavement and inspirational. Notably the site was a USA Today Hot Site and a California Nurses Association Pick of the Week. Additionally the websites have received the Editor's Choice Award from, the Best of the Net Award from the Mining Company, a Medsite Gold Award for a Hot Medsite, a Featured site on Health AtoZ, a Best of the Web- 4advice, a Medical Award from Med 411, a Top 25 Links by US Medical Students Website, a Supportive Souls Award, and a Mental Health Net Award.
    PARTICIPANT Stockholm Challenge Award 2000. Journey of Hearts™ was a competing IT (Information Technology) Project within the Health and Quality of Life Category.
    NOMINEE - The President's Service Award. The Points of Light Foundation 1999, 2000. The Journey of Hearts™ site was nominated for addressing the often neglected areas of medicine—grief, loss and depression, areas that affect our patients, and millions of others worldwide and for the hundreds of volunteer hours needed to create the website.

    Editorial Board, Journal of Medical Internet Research. March 1999 - Present.
    Expert, Advisor & Author - Physician Services, MomMD. March 2000 - Present.
    Founding Editor, The CyberMed Catalyst: Journal of the Alliance of Medical Internet Professionals. Fall 1999 - Fall 2001.
    Content Editor, Female Physician. Spring 2000 - Summer 2001.
    Referee - Scientific Papers Posters for Medinfo 2001
    Review Committee - AMIA  Meeting, June 2001
    Review Committee - AMIA Annual Meeting, November 2000
    Scientific Programme Committee Reviewer - MEDNET '99
    HTML & Content Editor, YP Insights. An Online newsletter, for the CMA-YPS. Spring - Fall 2000.
    Editorial Board Member, California Physician. Spring 1995 - Spring 2000.
    Associate Editor, PULSE, The Medical Student Section of JAMA. (Now MSJAMA) 1991-1992.

    The original photo of Dr. Kirsti A. Dyer is © 2001 Invizeon Corporation and used with permission.

    Imagination is the highest kite that can fly.

    Lauren Bacall

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