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Sealed Fate
Posted by Janeen on Sunday December 30, @01:18PM
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Lost of 3 parents by the age of 5; two birthparents and one adoptive mom.
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another response, from overseas, i guess
9-11 Remembrance Posted by leonie, wales, uk on Wednesday December 19, @03:18AM
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i discovered your site by pure accident, or perhaps by fate. I am in the process of writing a book, not really as a rsponse to September, but coloured by it, no doubt, as we all are, on the planet. Maybe the only good thing that can come out of such horror is that it gives us ALL something in common, and working on what we have in common, and not what s ` can see for our survival as species. Anyway, as i had the 'face' to use part of the text i found here in my book,i felt the least i could do was submit the relevant part of it. As it is longish, it's in the 'main body' bit. Peace to all my brothers and sisters out there, and most of all to our children.
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Blessing for the Holidays from Journey of Hearts
Insights Posted by Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS on Sunday December 09, @08:53AM
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In this season of good-will, in this year of many changes
May we appreciate that life is very short.
May we cherish the time spent with loved ones.
May everyone feel safe and secure.
May hearts around the world be filled with love.
May we all live in peace.

Peace and Joy be with you and yours this holiday season and into the New Year.

A beautiful Patriotic Song to share
Resources - Websites Posted by Claudette on Wednesday November 28, @04:55PM
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Hello,I simply had to share with you a beautiful story about a daughter, a mother and a grandmother. The grandmother wrote a poem during WWII, kept it with her memories, we all were together after the sad and senseless Sept. 11th tragedy and we all were talking about it...please read the story about this song "Don't Let Us Fall" located at the link above; it's an extremely touching story to a beatifully touching song.God Bless America!

My family needs to get on with life. We hate the word, 'closure.'
Posted by Mills, Maie on Tuesday November 27, @07:03PM
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As time goes on I find our family immersing deeper into grief. It is like we are defrosting and, perhaps it is the Holidays, the realization that our leader is really never coming home!
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A final Goodbye
Remembrance - White-Pink Rose Posted by Jason Mercure on Thursday November 08, @08:38PM
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I wrote this poem as a kind of eulogy for my friend that passed away. I was unable to go home for the memorial services to pay my last respects. This poem has helped me along with the loss of my friend, and I hope it has helped those who knew him. My goal is to give insight and a new way of thinking about life. And to remind people to enjoy those they care about and never to take life for granted! Because we never know when the lord will take us or our loved ones.
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Support Groups available in NJ
Other Posted by Ed Madara on Friday October 26, @03:26PM
Free help is available in NJ for anyone needing to find or form a no-fee support group there - either related to the the 9-11 tragedy or- most any other life adversity or stressful life problem.
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9-11 Remembrance Posted by D. Gladd on Wednesday October 24, @02:04PM
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9-11 christmas
9-11 Remembrance Posted by maureen on Sunday October 21, @10:54AM
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First our thoughts are with all the family's that have suffered thru this horrible event on 9-11. After this event, our family has decided instead of our $35.00/grab bag for Christmas, for the adults, we will contribute to the family's that lost their loved ones. It may not be alot, but maybe if word got around it may help alittle. Our prayers & tears are for the family's that miss their loved ones. God Bless All of You!! In memory of all the angels & hero's of this tragic event-we will not forget!! Moe & Bro ps-

United 911
9-11 Remembrance Posted by Zeff on Saturday October 20, @03:23PM
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Thanks for the strong message dedicated to the 9-11 Tragedy. If it is okay, I would like to add your link to my site:!!

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