Elements Important in Designing A Website for Web-education

    1. Content with Use of Artistic Elements

      These elements are essential and often the most difficult to find.

      The challenge with medical websites is to avoid presenting a large amount of information in a dull, uninteresting or overwhelming manner.

    2. Ease of navigability and proper use of web design

      If the site is
      • Too difficult to navigate, intuitively doesn't make "sense"
      • Contains too many of the latest web tricks* (e.g. Java, plug-ins, shockwave)

      Visitors may get annoyed and leave, no matter how good the content.

    3. Getting the word out

      This is perhaps the most labor intensive, but ultimately an important element.
      The best website will not be used if people do not know the site exists, or where to find it.
    * "Web Tricks" is the term we use for the leading edge techniques and technologies that may cause ordinary web browsers to display a page with errors or not at all.
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Lessons & Insights learned from Creating a Unique Integrative Medical Website for Web-education
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