Dealing with Death & Dying in Medical Education and Practice
© 2001 Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS
AMSA Convention March 30, 2001
Healthy Coping Strategies
  • Avoid making work the sole determinant of one’s self-esteem.
  • Learn to rely on oneself for approval.
  • Establish and nurture a support system.
  • Learn how to say "No" without guilt.
  • Take time off - holidays, vacation, lunch, breaks
  • If needed make an appointment, schedule time in a day planner or PDA to engage in healthy, stress-reducing activities.
  • Non-work, "Leisure" time
    • * Exercise 
      * Leisure
      * Reading 
      * Music
      * Theater
      * Film 
  • Stress Reduction/Relaxation Activities 
    • * Writing/Journaling/Poetry
      * Meditation
      * Gardening
      * Photography
      * Vacations – Mini breaks

Dyer, K. Healing from Grief Using a Website, Color, Writing, Poetry and Wilderness. Presented Dec. 27, 2000, AMIED Conference.

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