Dealing with Death & Dying in Medical Education and Practice
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AMSA Convention March 30, 2001
Rewards for the Physician Dealing with End-of-Life Care

Death teaches us--if we want to hear--that the time is now. 
Death teaches us the joy of the moment. 
It teaches us we don't have forever. It teaches us that nothing is permanent. It teaches us to let go, there's nothing you can hang on to. Death says, "Live now."
Dr. Leo Buscaglia

As a Physician
  • Sense of being helpful
  • Grateful patients and families
  • Work satisfaction, a sense of competence
  • Avoid prolonged dying, help create "better" deaths
  • Decreased conflicts with patients, family & staff
  • Skills gained in End-of-Life care are applicable to other areas of work—clinical, teaching
  • New field, still need for academic achievement
As a Person
  • Helps to clarify personal priorities.
  • Greater understanding of the nature of life.
  • Inspiration, meaning to life, a sense of privilege.
  • Appreciate more the gift of being alive.
  • Learn to treasure the moment.
Block SD. The Physician as Healer. Presented at UCSF’s "End of Life Care for the Hospitalized Patient, October 2000.

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