On-line Anti-Stress Kit
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This Anti-Stress Kit is appearing on everything from T-shirts to mouse pads, which unfortunately may be a sign of the times. I have seen it shared and printed over FAX machines to be kept tucked out of sight from the management and pulled out for use when needed.
I have combined several different versions to create this On-Line Anti-Stress Kit, best used if printed onto paper and shared with similarly stressed colleagues, hopefully with a good chuckle.
On-line Anti-Stress Kit

1. Copy Image off Computer Screen onto Paper.
2. Place Paper on a flat, hard surface.
3. Take a deep breath, you are about to enter the Anti-stress Zone.
4. Follow instructions in circle.
5. If stress is not relieved repeat.
6. Repeat until stress is gone, or you become unconscious.
7. Repeat as necessary, but not to exceed four times a day unless directed by your physician.
8. More effective with a running start.
9. Most effective if given to bothersome supervisory personel.

Of Special Note:

This technique is obviously meant to be just a form of humor therapy. In no way does this site promote the use of self-mutilating behavior to de-stress.
Last updated April 19, 1998
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