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Blessings for the Healing Journeys
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This blessing comes from the Reverend Susan Copeland, the clergy at my Residency Program in Santa Barbara. For those of us who deal with the hospital settings, either as providers, patients, staff or families, this Blessing is for all who are in the midst of The Healing Journeys. 
Blessings for the Healing Journeys

Help us to keep the vigil for healing 
in sacred space and holy time.
We give thanks for those whose gifts and training
empower them to care for the body; 
nurses, doctors, physical and respiratory therapists,
those who prepare food and clean rooms,
those who care at the bedside and behind the scenes.

Bless all family members and friends who keep the vigil 
in prayer in waiting rooms and hospital corridors.
Grant them your peace.
We are all in need of your healing presence 
each day of our lives.
Help us to watch, wait, and listen
for your blessings in the midst of our healing journeys.

Submitted by the Reverend Susan Copeland
Last updated January 2, 1999
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