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These suggestions are but a small sampling from The Little Book of Calm, by Paul Wilson. With over 150 suggestions in this pocket sized calming break, I have tried to find those which seemed to resonate the most with me, but as Mr. Wilson suggests, "When you feel troubled simple let this book fall open, let your intuition guide you and you will see the most effective way to find calm at that particular moment."

Suggestions for Attaining Calm
by Paul Wilson
Think Calm, Live Calm, Be Calm
About the Author

Paul Wilson wrote The Calm Technique as a no-nonsense guide to meditation. The book became a great success with a diverse audience from teachers of meditation, and stress management counselors to medical practitioners and psychiatrists. What became apparent is that those who needed the Calm Technique the most were not the over stressed business executives or the seekers of higher consciousness, but rather those who were too worried, stressed or distressed, those suffering from every day stress and anxiety but didn't have the time. Hence came  Instant Calm.
You can also visit their website at the Calm Centre,

  The Little Book of Calm by Paul Wilson. Published by NAL/Dutton, December 1996.

This book from world-renowned relaxation expert Paul Wilson, offers more than 150 simple, common-sense tips that will help even the most overwhelmed among us take a minute to unwind. Readers will learn to handle life's stresses, big and small, with a clear, calm head. It is full of advice to follow and thoughts to inspire. Perfect pocket size to carry with you to steal moments of peace and tranquility, any time, any place.

Instant Calm by Paul Wilson. Published by NAL/Dutton, April 1995.

This book is about crisis control, about restoring your sense of well-being when things go wrong. Within the pages of this book are over a hundred of the most powerful calming techniques known, from the wisdom of ancient civilizations to the discoveries of modern research. The techniques include meditation, acupressure, self hypnosis, psychotherapy, aromatherapy, exercise, diet and music. Instant Calm contains immediate, effective methods of relaxation, and practical strategies for dealing with emergencies, and long-term remedies for eliminating stress, tension and negativity.

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Suggestions for Attaining Calm come from the Little Book of Calm and are used with permission.
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