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Worldwide Candle Lighting
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December 12, 1999
Lights of Love
Written by TCF Member Jacqueline Brown
 For National Children's Memorial Day
    © 1998 Jacqueline Brown
 Peace Valley TCF, New Britain PA
Worldwide Candle Lighting
December 12, 1999, also known as National Children's Memorial Day is  the day for the Third Annual Worldwide Candle Lighting. Everyone, in every time zone around the world, is invited to light a candle in honor of all children who have died, that their light may always shine. 

Candles will be lit at 7 PM in every time zone in memory of all children who have died. As candles go out in one time zone, they will be lit in the next, creating a wave of light that will encircle the globe, a virtual 24-hour memorial.

The Compassionate Friends Organization will be hosting an extended chat room, starting the week prior to the event. The chat room can be entered by following the link below:

Each year, e-mail messages from around the world are sent to the national office before dawn, as bereaved families everywhere lit candles in memory of their children.

For messages from the 1997 Candle Lighting:

For messages from the 1998 Candle Lighting: For more information visit the Compassionate Friends Site: National Children's Memorial Day
This year this date holds another special significance. December 13, 1998 was designated as National Children's Memorial Day.
Senate Resolution 193, introduced at the request of The Compassionate Friends was adopted by unanimous vote.
This resolution reads:
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