I continue to be humbled by the praise,
the stories and the losses of others.
Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS
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Journey of Hearts 
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The following comments were complied from the e-mails that have been sent to the site. They are included to remind visitors that they are not alone in their losses. The comments confirm my belief of the importance in Telling the Story to the healing process.  

Many of the original comments included were notifications of awards. For the most part, these can be found under the various pages of the Award section. 

With over 30,000 visits to the site since April 1998, I believe that the responses here and in the guest book are just a fraction of the true number of people we have reached, touched, and helped.   

There is a Transformations Book for people to share what helped them cope, or their reactions to the site. Please feel free to comment and share. 

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A special note of thanks to all who have sent these messages. For me they are my hope and encouragement that we are reaching and helping people with this site.

Wishing you continued peace, health & happiness on your journey...  

Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS
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 June 1998  and Beyond
I find myself wanting to read everything over and over again.  
I forget so much now, I only operate from my home e-mail.  
This is the first healing I've found since my husband died 16 days ago. 
I think your web site is wonderful. It's brings me so much comfort. Thanks for such a wonderful answer to prayer. 
I have visited this wonderful site and plan to return to it, and also pass this along to people I know who could benefit from this site.  I found the memorial sites [Virtual Memorials] out of desperation, as my daughters death and the previous months before her death were so unbelievably shocking to me; having my computer and researching the memorials probably saved my life.  
My daughter Whisper died in 1996. It was not very pleasant for us, and a very difficult time.  I still look back with such horror at the chain of events.  I have a lot of anger issues that I probably will never resolve until I find the reason my daughter died, this has been an ongoing struggle for me and being able to connect with other persons like myself or linking with someone to help me find answers to my questions has been a comfort.  
So again, again Thank You so much for sharing your beautiful site and I hope to utilize this over and over.  
This website is just what I needed.... 
It's only been 3 weeks since I lost Murline and I have been through such darkness as I never thought I could withstand, and lashed out in anger at several of my loved ones, for which I must now make amends, hopefully.  Blaming others for not being caring enough, basically.  But  what can you do for another, really?  No one can take her place and it was most unfair of me to place inordinate burdens & guilt trips on people who truly care, albeit in their own, different, ways.  
Your site has helped me, and I'm sure will continue to help others.  
I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your page.  
I have looked for information/help in dealing with grief.  My two sons were killed in a car accident 4 years ago, June 15.  I just can't 'get over it', I feel like I have to act normal for everyone around me, even though they understand, they are basically tired of hearing it.  
I have been in a few 'grief groups', the most helpful/healing one being a group I started for kids dealing with loss.  
Well again thanks, 
With my Multiple Sclerosis, I have been house-bound for a very long time.  I can't drive, and can't walk very far without someone to lean on, so I get out of the house for doctor appointments.  The local hospital has a "loan closet" where you can borrow a wheelchair for $10 a month, but my Mom 
was in a chair and I fought it tooth-and-nail.  I was more comfortable being isolated than admitting that I needed help. 
One day in June 1998, my husband Michael, came home with a newspaper ad about a concert in Phoenix, in July . . . Stevie Nicks!!!!!! The day the tickets went on sale, he called and bought two tickets in the "handicapped" section.  I was more excited than I had been in a LONG time and could hardly wait for the end of July.  
However, the closer it got, the more fearful I became . . . I had never been "out" in a wheelchair and was sure I was going to be stared at and considered a freak!  Michael was very understanding and said we didn't have to go . . . it was totally up to me.  Up to two days before the concert, I wasn't going.  But then I got to thinking that it was time to "grow up", "bite the bullet", cliche after cliche.  I also couldn't ignore that he had spent almost $100 on tickets!  So we borrowed the chair, and we WENT.  The excitement of before had turned to borderline terror... 
And you know what?  Nobody stared!  Nobody even paid attention to us! Imagine that! :)  I had THE BEST TIME I have had in decades (literally)!  When Michael went out to get something for him to drink (and a tee-shirt for me) I sat and thought (long and hard and deeply)about enjoying the moment.  I have always been one of those people who once something starts, I wonder when it will be over (I'm terrible at movies).  But I realized that this was a chance in a very gloomy 
lifetime that I couldn't afford to miss a moment of.  I was THERE from that moment on!  I clapped and yelled and whistled and was totally in the moment.   
I realized that those few hours would not change my depression, Multiple Sclerosis or that fact that we had just lost our dog, but I knew it was still important.   
I never would have had the courage to go and BE there if I hadn't found Journey of Hearts and spent at least a little time (it usually turned into hours) on site everyday!  My losses have not been 
exclusively deaths, but of my mind, body and self.  You helped me get that back and started a process.   
The most incredible part is that when I checked the What's NEW information, you mentioned the story "The Starfish".  Just out of curiosity, I went to it.  By the time I was done reading it I was so in tears.  I felt like I had made a difference to that ONE (me) by going into the unknown.  My heart was so touched.  I scrolled down and read your comments on it (agree, agree, agree) and 
then saw the posted date, July 23,1998 . . . the day of the concert!  I cried for hours, not out of sadness, but of joy and growth and healing.  
I cannot tell you how much that story touched me and still does and always will.  
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Angie Totcky
Lake Havasu City,  AZ
Keep doing what you're doing. You are very much appreciated. Your clients are very lucky to have such a caring and understanding [physician]. You truly can relate on a personal level. 
Thanks Again
I just visited the page again and had a chance to see just how beautiful it is and all the links also. I can't thank you enough for all the time  you have taken creating this healing site. I've passed it along to friends that I know are in need of it also. 
Thank you again
Your poems have touched my soul DEEPLY. Words just cannot express to you what your poems have meant to me, especially  "Darkness." This poem is me, every word, every line. 
I lost a dear friend to cancer, and then slipped off the emotional ledge of my life, and no one could understand what was happening to me. I wanted to explain to my friends what I am going through, but they never get close enough to tell. I gave copies of your poem to them so maybe NOW they will understand.  Your poem was instrumental in me convening to my friends what exactly I was feeling.  I have hope that they will understand me better.  
Thank you and God Bless you, don't stop writing! 
Our son Joshua was untreated bi-polar who committed suicide on Oct. 1, 1997.  It was such a tragic loss one year ago today. He was an ethereal gifted child who touched many lives in many countries.  
Our Japanese student, Keisuke, who had been with us for only 4 months when we lost Joshua. He said his life has been changed forever because of losing his dear brother-friend, Joshua. Keisuke has already begun to work to prevent such deaths in his country. He has returned to Japan to work with depressed young people in Japan to help prevent suicide, to promote understanding of this dreadful illness, to educate young Japanese of the perils of depression and of the available help because of Joshua's death.  He was able to help one young Japanese student in the San Francisco Bay Area prior to his return to Japan by telling her of the grief of losing his friend, Joshua and what a devastating effect his death has had on his family. 
I have given your site address to friends in France, Japan, Thailand, India (various states), China and as well in Hong Kong.  Keep up this wonderful site and if we can be of help in any way we are here! 
Remembering his beautiful smile with each flutter of a butterflies wing. 
With warm regards, 
Mary-Anne Durkee, Joshua's mom.
Joshua Tiffin Durkee
03-31-75 to 10-01-97
I am dealing with the loss of my husband, and this 2nd year, has been harder, with the numbness of grief beginning to wear off.  It is wonderful to know there are people out there like yourself who care... 
Hugs n' Kisses
I have been surfing around the site and I must say you are truly an angel.  
All of these people out here who are hurting so badly and you here to heal them inside and out.  I just wanted to say thank you for all of us. 
It is not often in life you come across someone like yourself who is so giving and caring.  I, for one, did not want another day to pass without telling you what a wonderful person you are and how lucky I am for having my path in life cross with yours.  
I wish you much love luck and happiness in every day of your life.  I only wish that you receive back the happiness you have instilled in so many lives.  
I already send the site to everyone I know.  :)  
God Bless you and yours always,
You are a really great poet and you can tell it all starts in your heart. 
I am a counselor in private practice. I found your Internet site by accident and I have never found anything more helpful on the Internet.  
I have a patient who lost a child about 3 years ago and she has become interested in having her own site on the Internet.  I was looking for something helpful for her because she was having a hard time, especially when she was alone at home, and an Internet friend was about to miscarry which caused her double grief. I did a search and somehow your site came up among them. I 
e-mailed the site address to her. She is going to go through the site. 
I spent the better part of the weekend reading through the site. It is wonderful and so very helpful. 
And....you are wonderful for sharing it with everyone. You are gifted, you know. 
To me, when physicians delve into the counseling world, they are seeing the physical as well as the emotional side of a person and both often need to be addressed.  To me, the patient would so appreciate the concern.  
I will recommend it to everyone. 
Betty Sebring
Counselor, Private Practice
I found your site the day my son was ordered to jail for 15 years.  I don't even know how I got there! Your Emergency Help was a real life saver for me.. I bring it up daily now, and hope it will continue to help me keep suicide out of my list of  options.. 
Thank you for this wonderful website. I think I have read every word! 
Your website has been a great help for me this past month.  My dad has cancer and I just left an abusive relationship.  
I am very grateful to have found Journey of Hearts. 
I have got to say that your website is one of the best I have seen. I might only be 12 but I know a good one when I see one. I love how u put everything into subjects. I like how everything is expressed. 
Well I enjoyed your site very much. 
Late Day Dreamer
You must be one very special person to create sites this nice....keep up the 
great work. It IS helping someone!  
I have hardly gotten started on your Website and just HAD to take time out to tell you how much I appreciate it. Beautiful, inspiring, and SO helpful.  
I, too, have lost someone precious to me.  
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. 
A friend,
Thank you so much for your thoughts and concerns. My family and I all want to thank you!  
You see after my brother took his life on the 6th of Aug. Our father died on his birthday (Aug 28) so it's pretty hard getting through those days.  
I've been going through a terrible depression for the past month and finding your site has helped to ease the pain. For that I will be eternally grateful. Keep up the good work, because giving me the chance to really say good-bye took me out of the brink of death. It was to the point that I thought that maybe he had the right idea. But now I know that isn't true, I feel sorry for him now. I hate tears and I've cried my share the past few days.  
But your kind words and prayers made me feel that there are people that really care and have brought a real smile to my face once again.    
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I hope everyone knows what a wonderful person you are! 
Sincerely Yours,
I just wanted to Thank You for such a beautiful place to go to, to appreciate, think and reflect on all life has to give, offer, and pass along. I sent the URL to at least one hundred people today. I can guarantee you that you will definitely have many new visitors to this site.  Many of my friends commented on how much they liked it and they passed it on to their friends too.  
So once again, Thank for for the Wonderful Journey!! There is definitely a Beautiful light at the end of the Tunnel and your site show that!! 
This is so beautiful and so close to home for me. I lost my older brother too--a car accident in nov. 1997  
....and i can relate so much to this....... :) 
I am constantly telling people about your site, because I truly believe it has something for everyone, from the person who simply has a bad day to those who have had a profound loss. 
Susan G. Rager
Northern Neck of Virginia Law Page
Your site is great for the person who is grieving.  Help is needed for the family; especially for the wife who marries someone who is still grieving for a lost spouse. I was searching for information when I found your site.  It's hard to understand the mood swings, etc. of a husband who is still grieving for someone else. Your site helped me to understand what they are going through. 
Thanks for your efforts for the millions out there who are facing grief. 
God bless you greatly in this effort and your own life. 
Alice Waddels Hagins
For the first time today I saw your site and want to congratulate you on a wonderful, heartwarming, compassionate site. 
I am a Bereaved Mother who lost my 20 year old 4 years ago. I have started my own site trying to help people who are bereaved, Meeting of Hearts.  We have started live chat for people who are grieving and who just need to come in and talk.  I  frequently have guests in the chat room I call AngelQuilt. All the people who frequent my site are in different stages of grief...and find much support there. 
Once again I commend you on your work of love.  
Yours truly 
Judy Boc 
You are wonderful.  I am a Renewing Life facilitator and I just cannot say enough about your website.  It is beautiful, fun, intriguing, accessible, inspirational.... It deserves all the awards  it has received.  
Marcia Carlson 
Renewing Life Facilitator
I just wanted to let you know that I read the poem, I Watch You Go, while I was on Journey of Hearts and I want to thank you. As I read this I could see me. 
I am 22 yrs old and I have always been "Daddies little girl." I looked up to my dad very much he was my dad, my mom and my Best friend we were very close.  
In May he suffered a Massive Heart Attack and was awaiting a heart Transplant. At that time I had to make a very important decision to pack up my 2 children and myself and leave my life behind to make sure everything with my dad would be taken care of. 
He lived at the hospital for 3 months waiting for a heart. This was very hard for the both of us because he was a very strong willed man. He worked for 37 years and he was only 52, but it also made us even closer because we had to stick together.  
In July he started having strokes on top of this and there was nothing more the doctors could do so I had to make the hardest decision in my life which was to let my dad go. He knew what was going on and this made it even harder to deal with.  I will never forget one of the last things my dad said to me. He said, "Di, It is time, You're strong. Just un-plug this and let me go. I love you." 
I did. I had never felt so alone in all of my life, after that I watched him lay there for 3 more days, until he was gone.  
It is very hard to deal with but when I read this poem I thought this is it. This is us.  
I want to say Thank You very much, 
Diana Lerch
What a wonderful site.  I pass it on to folks all over the country.  It was sent to me by a friend when my son was diagnosed with leukemia.  
I just want to say that your sight is great. 
I lost a brother on Memorial day in 1978 at age 27, then another brother in 1981, 3 months after that I lost my 2 yr. old daughter. Devastated. In 1984, I lost my father, which was one month after my divorce. All of these were sudden deaths. In 1997, I lost my mom at 74 years. old.  
I have gone through years and years of counseling which helps but death is a strange thing. Sometimes you just want to talk about them but most people are uncomfortable when you do. It's almost like you got to pretend they didn't exist when they were so important in my life.  
Thanks for letting me speak my peace, 
Thank you for your wonderful site. A friend of mine actually got it from a friend of hers.  
When my divorce occurred, I was also grieving the death of my father, so I have had to learn all the stages of both are certainly similar, but with some differences. With my dad, we knew he was dying of cancer, so I decided to "tie up loose ends" by writing him a letter, and encouraged my son to do the same. We attended hospice grief classes long before he passed away. 
But with my marriage, unlike a death, you see the remaining spouse every week. Which makes it so much harder.  I have been regularly attending a Healing Divorce Recovery Class. That has been beneficial for me.  With the help of such books like "Uncoupling" By Diane Vaughn & "Starting Over" by John Grey and the class it has helped. But, still a loss regardless, since I was with my husband for over 18 years. 
Thanks again for your site, I sent it on to people, in hopes they know of someone who would benefit your site. 
Thanks Again,
Anna Carbone
After reading the story, Welcome to Holland, I had to share it with my class at the community college where I teach and also with all the learning-disabled and emotionally disturbed kids I work with and their families. I know this article refers to a specific situation, but I also saw it as applicable to "life" in general and to all those situations when you prepare for "Italy" and end up in "Holland." 
Thank you so much for such a simplistic, but a profound way of dealing with life!  
Penny Aldrich
Instructor, Community College
First of all, thank you for your beautiful web pages!  I am 38 and now remarried, but at the age of 36 I lost my first husband, John, to brain cancer (he was 37).  
I found your site because one of the members of WidowNet forwarded your URL to the members of the WidowHoods list.  There are now two separate lists, in case you didn't know; the Widow list is for those who have been widowed less than one year, and the WidowHoods list is for those who have passed the one year hurdle. 
Thanks again for all the hard work that must have gone into such a wonderful site! 
Theresa Duker Schramm
Thank you for your web site.  
My kitty just died this morning and I'm not doing very well with it.  I am not able to think straight and I appreciate having a place to go to to help me think about what I can do to remember him always.  
Thank you so much, 
I clicked on this to look at quotes.  I like Angels and quotes and things that help in a sometimes confusing world.  
Thanks for a lovely page. I sent it to a few friends. 
Today I visited your site again for the millionth time and every time it gets a little easier to live. Today I did something I never thought I would do-- I made a jack-o-lantern. I guess time really does help heal all wounds at least to the point you can get on with life.  
I never dreamed I would be happy enough to live in a normal world and do the things I did before. I just needed to write someone and let go of some of this hurt I feel and tell my baby, "Happy Birthday" and I miss her with all my heart. You see if she had not been called back to God she would have been 11 today.  
Keep up the awesome job and don't ever let anything get you down......  
You have made my life a little easier and I know there are thousands who feel as I do --- Keep it up!!!!!!  
Jennifer Bacon
It warmed my heart greatly to discover the recognition of pets by your site.  
I just spent well over an hour at "Journey of Hearts." It is an incredible place and one I will recommend to many.  I've also visited several of the [Alliance of Healing Hearts] webring member's pages and am in awe at the love and support that goes out to 'virtual' strangers from those who have suffered a loss. 
Again, thanks. 
Terri Onorato
I just had to write and tell you how much I wish I had known of your page months ago, as I feel so "at home" 
there. I am so grateful to have found them now, so that I can benefit from them and share them with others. If my page can in anyway "comfort" others....my own grief is so much easier to bear. 
Rhonda's Place
Thank you for such a lovely and dearly needed website.  
I spent nearly a hour on your website on my first visit. 
I love your site and I would like to add a link to your page on my website if that would be agreeable to you. This site is truly one of God's blessings. 
Thank you Sincerely and Graciously, 
Candy Lewis
It is so wonderful to know that people like you do exist.  I love your web site and appreciate very much what you are doing...making a difference.  I have your site marked as a favorite not only for myself but for anyone else that I run into who is having a difficult time.  Your love and care for people is very evident and thank you from the bottom of my heart and God. Your site helped me get through some rough spots at my job and also my personal life. Bless you in your ministry. 
Love, Diane
Diane M Leach
University of Dayton Research Institute
Just wanted to let you know finding your website was an accident but I am delighted.  I have had a deep loss of family (3) in death (sickness, sucide and accident) and I feel very much alone most of the time. I'm dealing with the grief but the up hill struggle is very hard.  I know there are others out there that can help and I would like to stay for a awhile.  
Just a thought. I got to your site because of how I am feeling now. My girfriend, my sweet girfriend, betrayed me in ways that I thought not possible and it's now over. I am lost and experience panic attacks every day. Sometimes, I get this unbelievably frightening panic attacks during which I can't breath and it seems like everything is turning against me and there is no way out. It's really crazy what the mind can do to you... 
But I am also strong, as you probably are too, and keep looking for that light at the horizon (it's really hard, though). I just wanted to say that the poem you wrote Darkness, is beautiful. I cried when I read it. It's funny, I never asked for help and I couldn't remember the last time I really cried...and during these days I seem not to be able to stop... 
You are really right about having to find new strength inside you. I think I did, today. 
Thank you and best of luck in everything, 
I like your site.  It is fitting for us widows.  I lost my husband suddenly on June 8th, 1996 when he was 44.  I had 15 wonderful years with him.  I wish I'd had a chance to say goodbye to him while he was still alive.   Sometimes it's still hard to believe that he's gone and that I've gone on with my life.  I live in Spokane, WA.  
BTW;  I like your name :-)  I'm from Finland. 
Kirsti McIlroy
I cannot discribe what this web site has done for me. I have found a place to reflect,and to see that I am not alone.  I would like to thank you.  This is all new to me. I am now just learning about computers, but the most important thing is I have found a place where I can go when I am feeling blue. I am going thru so many different emotions at this time loss of a new found friend, children off to school, etc.  
I have found this web site to be inspiring as well as to know I am not alone in my feelings and emotions.  Your poems and the site about butterflies is a place that I found where I can go and not feel alone.   
I just want to say thank you for being there. 
I am a new minister and am preparing to perform my first memorial service -- for the husband of a friend of mine.  My friend's husband was killed in a motorcycle accident.  She is only 39.  He was 50.  I want to offer words of comfort and hope, but not be "maudlin"  or too churchy.  She's not that type of person.  My first big challenge as a minister... 
Thank you not only for the section on Condolences and Deepest Sympathy (which I will recommend to my friend), but also for the material from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.  Your entire site is rich with material. 
You are a God-send. 
Patricia Campbell
Religious Science Minister
Temecula, California
I had my first visit to your site and am very impressed.  Truly a heartfelt and organic creation here of yours.  I love the interactive tests for stress and depression. 
 Dr. Dennis Galvon
I really think u have done a wonderful job.  
I'm a 15 year old girl who lost my 14 year old friend (best friend) to cancer. She died on the 4 of October in the hands of her parents and me. This was a real big blow and just being able to read the kind of stuff in here has made me better. 
Thanks a stack. 
God Bless and have a wonderful Christmas. 
Your site has helped me a great deal.  I may have stumbled upon it but now it is a safe place to go and I find so much helpful info everytime I go to your site. I am so grateful for your site.  
You see my boyfriend was killed the day before Thanksgiving.  Some days are better than others but every day, I think I am getting stronger and stronger. I just wanted to say Thank-You for so much.  
Every time I read any part of Journey Of Hearts, I feel the healing process work a little more. I have not found a better place to receive the help that I have received from Journey Of Hearts.  
To me "Journey Of Hearts" is a great name for this healing site. 
Thank You so very much for being there.  
I just found your webpage and wanted to let you know that you have helped another hurting soul. My mother died two-and-a-half years ago from a heart attack. This was her third confirmed heart attack but it was still very much of a shock that she passed away from it. She had angio-plasty about ten days earlier and was supposed to be on the road to better health. She went into convulsions right there in our living room where she had been laying reading a book. I tried CPR and a volunteer fireman from a few houses away arrived within 5 minutes of my call to 911, but after 5 hours of trying various  things, she died at the hospital. It was very hard to deal with at the time with all the "what if's." "What if I had been better at CPR?" What if the hospital hadn't given her a new 'research drug'?" 
I passed your URL on to a friend of mine that has just lost a friend of her's in a car accident. I am sure she will find it very helpful  and it will help start the healing process for her. 
Thanks again for a very special site! 
You are a blessed person, far too good for this world! 
My Happy New Year wishes go out,to you and yours, as I soak up every word of your pages, like a thirsty sponge. 
I spent some time surfing your healing web site and I want to know I was very impressed with it.  I have thought about it for a few days. You are teaching and healing.  The doctors and the patients at the same time. This is your nitch.  You might take it other places, but you have your foundation.  
Patricia Tavenner
Artist of Sweetpea
I love your website, "Journey of Hearts" and will be placing it on my "Gifts from the Web" page at SagePlace within the next few days. Your site is a wonderful gift to a troubled but still beautiful world..... 
Warmest Regards,
Tammie Fowles, LISW, Ph. D.
SagePlace: Journey to Wholeness 
I wanted to take a moment to tell you how I drew from your site recently. 
Five years ago on December 9, my very healthy father had a stroke which left him in a coma.  He remained so for 5 days during which time, my 10 siblings, myself, and numerous grandchildren sat vigil by his bedside so that he was never alone in his journey.  We laughed and cried together during the ensuing days, confident that Dad knew we were there together and could hear our pain of loss and our joy at having been blessed with such a Dad.  He left this place on December 13, encircled by his beloved children and grandchildren ~ a more loving circle I have not seen before or since.  
Each year on the 13th those who can, meet at my father's graveside, light 11 votive candles (one for each kid) and remember him together.  We retell the stories and laugh again at the ones that, over the years, have always brought communal laughter.  
This year, the fifth anniversary of his death, I wanted to do something a little more defined....an actual memorial service, so to speak.  That's where your web site helped me out.  I spent some time searching the various sections of your site and found several very beautiful and fitting poems that spoke to our experience and the loss of our Dad.  I also put together some of the things that were written for his original memorial service and a poem written for him by my sister.  Children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were there this year, much to my joy, and each person present (except the little ones) read a piece in Dad's honor.  We played some Christmas music and lit our candles, leaving them on his stone for lighting by others as they visit with him over the holidays.  
While I do not believe that my father's "remains" are my father, nor that his spirit resides at the particular place on this earth, I do know that he was there with us that day.  
I just wanted to say thanks for your contribution to this very important and memorable occasion.  I've passed your address on to any number of people.   
Thanks for being there.  
                                        Kathryn Tunison
Ways to Remember
I just am writing to let you know of my intent to put a link on my website linking to your site so that my visitors can see your site too. 
I know it's not required to tell you, but I do this as a courtesy to you. I know of no higher compliment that I can give you to say what a great site you have created than to link to it.  
Thank you for all the work, all the time, and all the love that you have put into it.  
Roger Wilkerson
I am a ordained Roman Catholic Deacon.  Your site will be a wonderful help in my ministry.  It is touching and meaningful.  These words of comfort will bring a peace to those who need it most.  Thank You and may God bless your efforts.  
Deacon Bob McGovern
New Jersey
I have recommended it to a lot of people. After losing someone you join a club, you never wanted to join. The site has a lot of good information. 
Hey there, Doc. I love the serenity at your site [The Medical Oasis].What a nice respite after browsing so many busy, intense and meaningless sites.  
Daryl Dichoso
 Sect.B, Class of 2000
          UST Surgery & Medicine 
     Manila, Philippines
Your web-site was a tremendous help to me when my mother passed away in July. 
The area where I stay is at the southern point of Africa, (CAPE TOWN, South Africa.) The Northern suburbs of Cape Town is serviced by a "hospice" (The Tygerberg Hospice), from a house which stands under the threat of demolition. A staff of 5 and a group of co-workers service a population of one million people, of all creeds, cultures, different financial positions. 
The Tygerberg Hospice has launched a fund-raising project for a new hospice, and I have offerred to set-up a "Cyberspace Hospice" for them on the web, as an educational tool and to make people aware of what hospices are about in general. There are no Web-Sites for Hospices in South Africa, so that this will be a first. The Tygerberg Hospice motto is "Honour a heart--(Eed 'n hart in Afrikaans.) 
I would like to include some material from your web-site, with full acknowledgement to you and links to your web-site. I am looking at particularly your articles on loss, grief, depression etc., but I have to adapt them to South African conditions. 
I will be using the essence of what you are saying, without all the beautiful boxes you have on each page. The theme of the site will be a "hospice" set in a garden with a hill behind it, emphasising the positive aspects of life, and that the hospices are not only "for the dying", but also for the living. 
Our Nation is also going through a trying period, so that there is a lot of hurt, anger, grief floating about, so any positive contribution one can make is desperately needed. 
Your patience and kindness is greatly appreciated.  
Thank you for helping me through my difficult period. 
Your's faithfully, 
Gary Nel
Psychology Student
University of South Africa
My personal good wishes to you. 
I'm only a tiny candle, in a dim world, but I manage to recommend your site to all I know.  
Your Emergency Pick MeUp Kit, is constantly on my lips, from all who have suffered a loss, to all that like musuems...You are a born nurturer, and I, my family, and all my internet friends, have been given your site, for maximum ease, in walking this world. 
Your site, never ceases to amaze me....The time and care you give to it, must be astounding.... 
Best Wishes,
Alan Steinberg
Harrington Park, New Jersey
I think that this is the best page I have ever seen. I am an orphan, and at this time of year (Christmas) I can become extremely depressed.  
But this page made me feel alot happier. 
Thanks for having such a great page!   :)  
I really enjoyed reading your poems tonight as this is my first Christmas without my step-father whom passed away on July 15 1998. 
I did not realize that the hardest part is not over yet! It is a grueling holiday without hearing his laugh or seeing his smile. He always had a word of cheer and brought a sweet sense of joy with him everywhere he went, even when things were really really bad. It is soooo hard to get through this night without him. 
Merry Christmas....... 
The holidays have always been difficult since. I did read your updates and found them helpful.  I continue to grapple with my grief but know that a New Year is coming,  I plan on bringing the the new year in quietly with friends who share my sadness over our friend Amy's death.  
We will toast her life and remember her fondly. 
May you have a peaceful new years.  
On Christmas it was the one year anniversary for losing my husband of 22 years. I  somehow found this page while searching under the topic of "miracles"  
I send blessings to the kind of people who make webpages like this because you just never know when you have saved someone's life who maybe thought the day looked like a good day for dying. Bless you all.  
We lost a class member over the holidays, a precious eight year old girl. She was diagnosed five months ago with an astrocytoma the size of a tennis ball. All attempts to eradicate it 
failed and she died in her mother's arms on December 22nd. I will pass on this site to her family and all parents of children in my classroom.  
I found the site while looking for information concerning grief as I continue to experience the waxing and waning of the emotion as I mourn my brother. Randy was killed on May 27th, 1997 in a tragic car accident. A lady with dementia was 100 miles from her home and three hours from 
when she commenced her trip...she was on the wrong side of the freeway.  
Randy left behind a widow, an eleven year old daughter and five year old triplets. He and I were 18 months apart and quiet soul mates. I ache for him still. 
Thank you for maintaining this site and offering encouragement. I will pass the word. 
Pamela Powell Schildgen
I have gotten a lot of comfort from this site. My 25 yr old son was murdered May 12th 1998. I wrote this poem, Heaven and Earth Oct.31st. I don't know if you can use it, but I'm sending it to you to read. 
Karen McCombs
I just received a link to this web site and I am in awe here.  
Wow!  What a great page this is!  I am still amazed at the wonderful sites that I have seen and Journey of Hearts is another one! 
I am 46 yrs old, terminal with lung cancer, lost my dad to lung cancer, & my mom has colon cancer right now.  I am surely familiar with the word loss! 
But, thank God, I have made many friends out there that have been supportive to me & my family.  I am moved & touched in such a heartfelt way by your page! 
I have bookmarked it to go back and read each page linked from thru this Journey! 
Thank you for this page and for sharing it with the world! 
Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Your web-site is quite impressive!  I'll be referring a friend your way.  She lost her 16 year old daughter just over a month ago, and reality is hitting hard.
I have so enjoyed your website, "Journey of Hearts"!  It has been a great source of strength for me since the death of my Dad in September. 
One particular poem especially touched me, as it seems to relate to my feelings and experience almost exactly!  I had read "I watch you Go" over and over. 
You see, my Dad and I were so much more than Dad and Daughter.  We were soulmates, through and through.  He suffered a three month battle with pancreatic cancer, which, while it is so very sad, it enabled us to become even so much closer.  I moved into my parents home the last month of his life.  I know that the hardest part of facing his death was his worry of what would happen to his loved ones.  He was especially worried about me, because of our closeness.  On the afternoon of his death, 2 hours before God took him home, I was standing at his bedside, and as always, his heart was breaking because of my tears.  As I could not bear to hurt him anymore, I kissed him on the forehead, and told him I would be okay....and told him to go to sleep now.  I continued to check on him throughout the next few hours, as he peacefully slept.  Ten minutes before his parture, I was standing by his bedside, feeling assured that we had at the most a few more days.  I turned around, took 10 steps, and my sister came running to me, with the news that he was gone!  I knew that could not be true, because I had Just left him!!!  By the time I got to him, I heard his last sigh.  I was angry that I did not have that opportunity to walk him through the tunnel into eternal life!  Throughout my grief, I have come to understand, that my Maker knew me well enough to know, that that would have been much too hard on me! 
Although every part of me misses him every second of everyday, I am at peace knowing he is in paridise.  And, I know that he is still very much with us.  There are times, when the feeling is so strong, it is as if he is right in my head telling me how to go on!!
I shared this so that it may in some way be able to help someone else who is trying to let go, and begin the healing process!! Letting go of a loved one is so very hard, but knowing they are in Heaven and happy, does indeed help to ease our sorrow!
With my sincere thanks for your wonderful website!!! There are days when it is truly my salvation!!
I find Peace and a sense of balance when I read anything from your website. 
You give so much to so many people on your website, and the Butterfly brings such peace to my heart.  It has be over 2 years now since I lost my husband.  What I really learned from all of this is.  a new meaning to  "There really is Life after Death," as I have found that life in my new love.  Keep your page going Kirsti, you really have a gift. Take care.
Love in the light.. 
I just wanted to say how important the site is on an every day level. You established Journey of Hearts to deal with loss.  What you probably do not realize is the great numbers of people from all walks of life who use your site to deal with "little losses," not the big life-changing losses you probably originally envisioned addressing. There is encouragement and solace for any "bump in the road" on your site, which is what makes it so truly valuable. We all know those who have the great wounds no one can adequately bandage from being sideswiped by death or disease in horrible ways. But there are the walking wounded out here who depend on having band-aids now and then, too. And your site addresses all. 
The truest award for your site is the quiet "thank-you's" from all over the world, from people whose lives your site has touched.
Congratulations on your fine work, and keep it up!
I lost my significant other in November and am having a very hard time adjusting to returning to work and life in general.  Your site has absolutely provided a point of light for me... I have visited several times.
It was particularly helpful in the hours of the day/night that one does not feel comfortable calling friends or family for more support!  Thank you for your efforts. 
April - June 1998

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