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There are many different ways of coping

Recognizing that there are many different ways of coping with grief, we have included a wide range of different methods, in the hopes that even just one of two of the techniques would work for anyone reaching this website.
The following are a list of suggestiongs for dealing with an acute loss or significant change. Some of these suggestions come from "Finding Ways to Let Grief Out," Renewing Life,  by Ingrid Dilley, Carol Troestler and Josiah Dilley, with modifications and additions from my own experience with patients and friends.

Since there are many ways of coping, there will be methods that we have not thought of, or know of to include on the website. We welcome suggestions and other techniques that have worked for others going through the grief process.
Please e-mail us with your ways of dealing. Perhaps your suggestion may be the one thing that helps someone else get out of their grieving process, and make the transition to healing. E-mail

When you find yourself overcome with melancholy, the best way is to go out and do something kind for somebody.
John Keble
Ways to Cope with Grief
1. Write - whether poetry or songs, letters to friends (to send or not), or a daily journal. I especially recommend journaling to those suffering from depression. (Obviously for me, writing is a way of staying sane and coping with life in general.)
2. Draw, Paint, Sketch, Doodle. 

3. Listen to music from meaningful artists. There is so much expressive music from classical to the blues to contemporary to country western, each with it's own flavor of "Sad Songs" and also inspirational, uplifting ones.

4. Play an instrument, or start playing one. Pull out the guitar, harmonica, clarinet, recorder and start to make music. If not then sing. Music is good for the soul.

5. Exercise - walking, running, tennis, hiking, water aerobics, swimming, horse back riding bicyling. As Nike put's it "Just Do It!"

6. Talk with others, share your feelings with friends.

7. Do something kind to someone. You will realize that you can make a difference.

8. Watch the stars, planets or moon at night. Take an astronomy course.

9. Rent a favorite movie--sad so you can cry, happy so you can laugh.

10. Pamper yourself -- bubble baths, wrap in a favorite afghan or quilt, drink hot chocolate.

11. Watch home movies or videos. Look at old photographs.

12. Spend time reading--books, articles, poems. Many good books are listed here, as well as coping poetry and stories.

13. Work in a garden, start a flower garden.  

14. Sew something, quilt something, create something.

15. Work on pottery or other crafts. Visit your local craft store..look for the courses offered. Check out the local Junior College...take the pottery course, or woodmaking course you always wanted.

16. Hug something a teddy bear, a pet, a friend. 

17. Participate in a ceremony--religious, sweat lodge, candlelight dinner with friends and family. Create your own ritual.

18. Watch the sun rise, the sun set. Look for shapes, figures, objects in the the clouds over-head.

19. Get a massage.

20. Dance, dance, dance.

21. Scream in the car, the shower, the woods, into the wind on top of a mountain.

22. Sing--in the car, in the shower, at home, at church, with friends. Join a Community Chorus.

23. Join a Computer support group. 

24. Enjoy a big red apple.

25. Take slow deep breaths, count to 10, concentrate on your breathing, the movement, let go of stress.

26.Find a safe, quite place to think, to remember, to process, to meditate to be alone with your thoughts and allow the healing to take place in the silence.

Last updated January 9, 1998
Several of these suggestions come from "Finding Ways to Let Grief Out," Renewing Life, copyrighted 1991 by Ingrid Dilley, Carol Troestler and Josiah Dilley, with modifications and additions from my own experience with patients and friends. All material, unless otherwise specified, is copyrighted 1997 by Journey of Hearts A Healing Place in CyberSpace. We invite you to share the information of this site with others who may benefit, but ask that you share from the heart only and not for profit.