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Article - Making Friends with Cancer
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Making Friends with Cancer
by Dawn Nelson

A few weeks ago, after I was diagnosed with cancer, I made a desicion. all the images I heard about fighting cancer, doing battle with cancer, beating it and conquering it, did not really resonate with me. Thought I was committed to doing whatever was necessary to regaining my health, I felt the need to find more positive ways of viewing my situation and to support my healing process. It ws not okay with me for the lingering cancer cells to stay in my body and I began taking steps t get them out. Yet it did not seem useful to me to see my cancer as an enemy. I wanted to learn all that I could from it and, for me, that meant finding some way to make friends with my cancer. This is the way I found:

About the Author:

Dawn Nelson is Author, Educator, Lecturer, Massage Therapist who recently underwent threatment for Cancer. She is the founder of COMPASSIONATE TOUCH for those in Later Life Stages. This techique is a therapeutic modality for relating to elderly and/or ill individuals which combines one-on-one, focused attention with attentive touch, gentle massage, and other relaxation techniques and appropriate communication skills.
For more information on COMPASSIONATE TOUCH for those in the Later Life Stages, write to COMPASSIONATE TOUCH 20 Swan Court, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 or call (925) 935-3906.

Last updated June 26, 1998
Making Friends with Cancer originally appeared in the Compassionate Touch for those in Later Life Stages Spring 1998 Newsletter and appears by permission of the author.
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