Words of Inspiration
Journey of Hearts
A Healing Place in CyberSpaceTM
    The rain falls overhead 
        softly pattering 

    A melodious symphony of nature 
        beginning quietly 
        gaining intensity 
        until a steady, constant downpour 

    A wonderous, private concert 
        experienced only by open ears 
    Music from the heavens so precious 
        I listen, enraptured 
        cherishing the experience 
    Slowly tapering off 
        until just the last lingering drops 
        gently land on the ground 
        and then just a memory 
        lingering in the air 

    The rain falls on my head 
        mingling on my face 
        with tears 
        easing my pain 
            my grief 

    Water provides sustenance, 
        an essential ingredient for life, 
    It nourishes the earth 
        and my withered heart. 

    Healing my loss 
    Washing away my sorrow 
    Restoring my soul. 

        Kirsti A. Dyer
Last updated August 15, 1998
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