From my dear friend Sandy Romer comes this poem that she sent earlier in the year, Changing Places. It reminds me of how much we need to be nourished and nurtured to grow and reach our full potential. And also not to try and 'shine' too much, because your beauty might go noticed! Dedicated to all of the "Late Bloomers," and to those who need nurturing.
Changing Places 
by Sandy Romer
      I was walking in a field  
          what a sight to see  
          with beautiful faces  
          all staring back at me  
      I walked down the rows  
          many different  
          flowers that did grow  
      Some were tall  
          and stood erect  
      Others were small  
          poor nourishment I suspect  
      Some had faces bright  
          that pointed toward the sun  
      Others were sad  
          for I fear they had none  

      The tall swayed back and forth  
          in the summer breeze  
          supported by sturdy roots  
          and healthy leaves  
      Yet others were small  
          and were lying on the ground  
          from roots that grew shallow  
          and their stems were not sound  

      A farmer approached  
          off came his hat  
          and with a sigh  
      Off to market the beauties to  
          for people to buy  
      The flowers that remained  
          the ones left for dead  
          their stems were supported  
          and their roots carefully fed  
      In no time at all  
          their faces did shine  
      It's never too late to grow  
          even when you are blind.  

Last updated June 26, 1998
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