Butterflies and Blazes
Poem - In My Heart Forever
 Journey of Hearts
A Healing Place in CyberSpaceTM
by Cynthia Taylor
About the Author

Cynthia Taylor lost her oldest brother, Ronnie Johnson, in December  1997 in a car accident. He was killed instantly in a car accident. No pain.
She'd had a chance to get to reconnect with this brother to help make her dream home come to life. Her Christmas present in 1996 was to have her brother finish their dream home. He was a carpenter and painter, and they had bought a very old home which needed great help. After working in the home for two years in our spare time, Cynthia realized that little was getting accomplished. In January 1997, her brother started tearing the house apart. During this year her brother was a part of their daily life, "I can't describe how precious that time was, even as it was going by. I saw it in his
eyes also. We just really enjoyed our time together."
This poem was written in February, as a way of dealing with the loss of her dear brother. She wrote in a message to this site "Before his death I seldom noticed butterflies and they held no significance for me. Ever since his death, with each butterfly I see I can smile and think of him in his new form. I have had a really hard time letting him go. The only thing that has helped has been the reminder of how much better off he is now.

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