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Poem - The Beauty of Death
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The Beauty of Death
Part I - The Calling
This poem was suggested by a visitor, who found the poem "The Beauty of Death"  most beautiful and helpful in helping get over the deaths of four of her friends last summer, all killed by drunk drivers. 
This poem is from Bethany Dunning in memory of four friends who will long be missed: 
Michael Jamieson 1977-1997  
Andrew Stindt 1977-1997  
Ashely Easterbrooke 1979-1997  
Jeremy St. Cyr 1979-1997 
Due to the length of the poem, I have created three separate sections, links at the end.
The Beauty of Death 
by Kahlil Gibran 

Part One - The Calling  

  Let me sleep, for my soul is intoxicated with love and  
  Let me rest, for my spirit has had its bounty of days and nights;  
  Light the candles and burn the incense around my bed, and  
  Scatter leaves of jasmine and roses over my body;  
  Embalm my hair with frankincense and sprinkle my feet with perfume,  
  And read what the hand of Death has written on my forehead.  
  Let me rest in the arms of Slumber, for my open eyes are tired;  
  Let the silver-stringed lyre quiver and soothe my spirit;  
  Weave from the harp and lute a veil around my withering heart.  
  Sing of the past as you behold the dawn of hope in my eyes, for  
  It's magic meaning is a soft bed upon which my heart rests.  
  Dry your tears, my friends, and raise your heads as the flowers  
  Raise their crowns to greet the dawn.  
  Look at the bride of Death standing like a column of light  
  Between my bed and the infinite;  
  Hold your breath and listen with me to the beckoning rustle of  
  Her white wings.  
  Come close and bid me farewell; touch my eyes with smiling lips.  
  Let the children grasp my hands with soft and rosy fingers;  
  Let the ages place their veined hands upon my head and bless me;  
  Let the virgins come close and see the shadow of God in my eyes,  
  And hear the echo of His will racing with my breath. 

Part II - The Ascending
Part III - The Remains
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