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I found a collection of quotes from several different sources that described the essence of why I went into medicine--to take care of patients. These thoughts convey the idealism of medical care--wanting to care for the sick and provide support, "until sickness does not come again." 
A medicine for the sick & their physician

May I become a medicine for the sick and their physician,   
their support until sickness does come not again.  
May I become an unfailing store for the wretched,  
and be first to supply them with their needs.  
My own self and my pleasures, my righteousness   
past, present and future,  
may I sacrifice without regard,  
in order to achieve the welfare of beings.  

A Healing Spirit

There is a light in this world, 
A healing spirit 
more powerful than any darkness we may encounter. 
We sometimes lose sight of this force 
when there is suffering & too much pain. 
Then suddenly, the spirit will emerge 
through the lives of ordinary people 
who hear a call 
and answer in extraordinary ways. 

Mother Teresa 


Whom Can I Serve?

We may wonder   
whom Can I love and serve?  
Where is the face of God   
to whom I can pray?  
The answer is simple.  

That naked one.  
That lonely one.  
That unwanted one  
is my brother and my sister.  

If we have no peace,  
it is because   
we have forgotten   
that we belong to each other.  

       Mother Teresa
Once upon a time,  
Medicine was about healing,   
not management.    
It must adopt that mission again.    
Doctors, nurses and researchers must recognize that they are the heart of humanity, just as clergymen are its soul.  
Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
For those of us who became physicians, who heard the calling to become healers, we must remember what medicine is really all about, "healing and not management," and never loose sight that physicians are the "heart of humanity." 
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