How can I help?
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How can I help?

We all know people around us who are grieving. Sometime we will be impacted also by the loss, other times the loss will be felt by the grieving person alone. The grief process is unique and each person gets through it in their own accord and at their own pace.
What is important is that people in the grief and loss phases, often may not be thinking clearly, their grief so overwhelming that the may want to do harm to themselves. That is why it is important to recognize the signs and symptoms of depression, and also suicide warnings. The presence of a friend, a family member, a clergy member or physician who takes the time to notice and to help, may make all the difference between a prolonged grief phase, or one that may have devastating consequences for the person grieving.

Some helpful suggestions in answer to the question "How can I help someone who is grieving?"

 Last updated January 24, 1998
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