On Letting Go
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Among the difficult lessons and challenges that I have  faced during my lifetime has been that of learning not only when, but how to let go.

There are many different events that can happen and many different situations that arise, when one needs to know how to "let go." The situations are varied...whether the death of a friend, family member or favorite pet, the loss of a relationship or friendship, or the loss of a home due to fire. The losses can be many and diverse.
"Letting go" can also occur when someone is trying to get rid of a bad memory, of a past event (traumatic life occurance), or dealing with the letting go of a child through relocation (moving, divorce, going off to college).

On Reaching Acceptance
Before someone is able to let go, they must first recognize the problems with not letting go, with not processing the grief, the loss, the anger and how much time is being spent praying, hoping and wishing that things could be different.

For the most part, the energy expended on the "what if's" and "if only's" is non-productive. Time does help to mend some wounds, but rarely can change events. The clock cannot be turned back, what has happened has happened and now must be dealt with.

The type of loss that occurs may make the process more difficult. With the ultimate loss through death, the person is not coming back, there is no negotiating. With losses of relationships, divorce, children, there still may be a connection, a hope that things will change...eventually the reality is recognized that this too must past. I have had to reframe many of my past relationships or friendships as "deaths"(of the friendship or relationship and the person you thought you knew) in order to reach an acceptance point to move on and let go.

And as always remember in the words of Joan Walsh Anglund:

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