On Letting Go
Poems- Princess
Journey of Hearts
A Healing Place in CyberSpaceTM
by Sandy Romer
I remember when
I was a little girl, my age was three
a princess soft and sweet, that's what I want to be.
A prince I'll find
I wonder when?
That was then.
I grew up
I still was sweet
stars danced around my feet.
The prince did come.
He made me cry
I wonder why?
Like a sword his words cut deep
my only salvation was half forgotten dreams and sleep.
I gave him my heart,
He wanted more
like a vulture at my flesh he tore.
Pieces were stripped one at a time
My eyes were blind.
I can't stand the pain
I'm going insane.
I step to the ledge
by a fingertip I hang on the edge.
The wind starts to blow
I'm already dead, why not let go.
I'm tired of living the lie.
Still I hang on, I wonder why?
I think what happened to me?
That little princess, her age was three
I close my eyes.
I hear a voice,
in a beautiful tone, you do have a choice!
Walk away
You've given you best
You're living in hell, let go of this test
Some of the princes are really toads
change your direction
find a new road.
You're still a princess, I hear from above
Soft and sweet
deserving of love.
I let go.
Last updated May 11, 1998
 The images are of William-Adolphe Bouguereau's Cupidon and J. W. Waterhouse Windflowers.
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