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Create a Ritual to "Let Go"

One method that can be helpful to get to the point of being able to let go of a loss, is to do something symbolic...literally create a "letting go, be it a gesture, a release or a ritual.
There are many different possibilities, I have included a few.
The act of letting go, requires imagination. Somehow, either imaging or otherwise the old emotions...sadness, loss, depression, anger, denial, self flagellating, injustice... must be "placed" into a gesture or a ritual, the release of that object takes on a new significance. As the object  leaves our site, symbolically, then so does the emotion that  we are trying to be rid of.

Symbols of "Letting go" include:

Releasing Balloons - with or without messages.
(A note of caution: mylar balloons cannot be released around power lines, due the potential damage to the electrical wires that can occur)

As you watch the balloons fly high out of site,
feel them taking away the problems,
and the unwanted emotions.
Let the old problems be cast into the air,
and secret messages of hope be heard by the wind.
Releasing Butterflies - Since the butterfly is gaining in popularity as symbols of joy, or renewal and of spring, there should be something available in many different areas.  Also, more people are raising butterflies, and creating butterfly gardens, so there may be something available at a local pet store, nature store or State Parks district.
There are several organizations available that raise butterflies for releasing at ceremonies, some in California, others in Hawaii (although not available for exporting).
Check your local phone directory or under butterflies on the web.
Butterflies are symbols of joy and happiness. They are thought by many cultures to be are messengers of the soul. Whisper a wish to a butterfly to make the wish come true.
Releasing Rock Doves - Our local paper, Contra Costa Times, ran an article in the early fall 1997 on "Rock doves help solace mourners: Birds released at funeral ease sad good-bye." I thought it was a wonderful, healing concept. I am not sure if other similar resources exist for this in other states, but will try and get permission from the "White Wings" people to have them listed as a resource.
The website for the Contra Costa Times is
Doves can be symbolic of souls recently departed, leaving the earthly plane for more lofty heavenly planes. 
Releasing a Stone (Stone Banishing spell) - From Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic by Scott Cunnigham - This ritual is to be used to help rid of unhealthy habits, hurt feelings or negative emotions. He describes the ritual as follows:
Start by finding a good stone, one with a color, shape, texture and weight that appeals to you.
Then, visualize the part of you that needs to be banished, the problem that is bothering you, the emotions that you wish to be rid of, and focus this energy as entering the stone.

See the problem, see it leaving you and entering the stone.

When you can no longer focus any more energy, make sure all negative feelings have been transferred to the stone then
...throw the stone:
Into a fire - but caution, it may explode
Into the air
Into the water
The problem is symbolically released as the stone leaves you.
It is done.
Release feelings - Native American Indian Tradition
 Go to the woods or a private place,
where you can be undisturbed.
Dig a hole in the ground near a tree or bush.
Pour all of your feelings into that hole.
When done, cover the hole.
hank the tree for listening.
Thank Mother Earth for receiving your grief.
Thank the tree or bush for
witnessing your grieving process.
Releasing through destruction  My own, favorite ritual, used many time over the years to get over bad news in whatever form it came, from rejection notices, to relationships.

This technique is not recommended for pyromaniacs or young children. However, it is a common one, also endorsed by "Friends," in their Valentine's Day episode, and "Waiting to Exhale," although this reference is borderline revenge. There is much debate within the counseling field whether revenge or forgiveness should be the primary motivator.

First, cut, tear or shred old letters, tests, rejection notices, poems, photographs or documents, clothes....whatever is is that you want to be rid of.
 Releasing through Candle or fire burning
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