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I first saw this quote on the alt.support.grief news group and found it to capture the essence of grief, both its pain and it's power to inspire. We have all seen examples of what great works can happen out of a grief response. Perhaps the most well-known is the M.A.D.D. organization.
If the grief is to last a lifetime, make it a lifetime of inspiration.
This quote was originally titled 'Untitled,' but due to the need for search engines to find a title and cataloging, we had to call it something.
by Laura
There is a grief that ages the face and hardens the heart A grief that casts shadows on the eyes A grief that keeps the pain and has no words There is a grief that breaks the heart
and wounds the soul,
That lasts and lasts
and can shatter in a minute, And another "reality check" on what to do with what life does to you.
  About the Author:

Laura is a poet from Australia. She is also frequents the alt.support.grief newsgroup.

Last updated July 10, 1998
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