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The poem that follows is one that was recommended to me by Cathy Galloway from the Southern Medical Journal, when I requested permission to use the article that I had written about dealing with the human cadaver, It's O.K.
Since the site is being accessed by medical schools as a resource for students, I obtained permission from the Southern Medical Journal to reprint this article for the website.

Two Lives
by Andrew J. Lipman

This poem was read at a memorial service honoring participants in the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, on December 3, 1996. The poem was published in the  Southern Medical Journal  in March 1997;90:293 and appears with permission from both the Author and the Journal.

Last updated April 26, 1998
The drawing is that of Leonardo Da Vinci's famous study of the human figure, perfectly proportioned within the square and the circle. Many of the artists of  the late 15th century, including Michelanglo and Leonardo Da Vinci, to improve their knowledge studied human anatomy actively pursued anatomical dissections. The two depicted figures, separate but connected seemed a perfect illustration for two lives and the sentiment expressed by Andrew Lipman. The poem was published in the Southern Medical Journal in March 1997;90:293 and appears with permission from both the Author, Andrew Lipman and the journal.
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