Why this site was Created
Loneliness and Islolation
Journey of Hearts
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All the lonely people,
where do they all come from ?
All the lonely people,
where do they all belong ?
Eleanor Rigby, John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Journey of Hearts - a Safe Haven

Journey of Hearts was created as a safe place to go, to be, to discover things to do, to read, a place where one can go to feel connected and not so alone, to realize that others experience similar feelings of loneliness and that there is hope.

This website is for those who for a variety of reasons may find themselves homebound and unable to get out to do other things:

1. Home bound - from disability, immobility or situation
2. Grief bound - from depression so consuming that you are unable to leave the home.
3. Time bound - from commitments during the day, either work or home that make one's free time unpredictable.
The Internet and Insomina

Research studies done in Wisconsin on Breast Cancer survivors found the time when these women were most likely to be using the Internet, was in the middle of the night.

This has been confirmed by some of the early statistics we have had on the time useage on Journey of Hearts and several messages that I have received from those who have found solace on this site during sleepless nights.

The wonderful quality about a website, particularly Journey of Hearts, is that it is here all the time, anytime when a friend is needed.
We hope to be a friend and provide a place for all the lonely people to belong.

Loneliness - the Poems

Written at a time when I was experiencing Loneliness and Isolation, this poem is included to describe the emotions, so that visitors to the site, may not feel as isolated and lonely in their own emotions.

    It arrives unannounced
    the old familiar feeling
    an unwelcome companion.
    Tired of the oneness
    of being half, not whole.
    Yearning for completion
    to find the missing piece
    Always alone.
    Why try?
    Why endure?
    It is a daily struggle to continue,
    to remember to wake
    to breathe
    to exist.
    The emptiness consumes me.
    Wanting more.
    This is all.
    There is no more.
      ©Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS
Another Poem on Loneliness comes from one of the Alliance Members, Karen Countermarsh Fahel. This poem was written by her brother Peter wrote just two months before he died.
    We all get lonely once in a while 
    Inside we're depressed and try to smile. 
    A smile don't work, depression gets worse 
    The idea of being lonely we try to nurse. 
    When it gets so bad we can't think any more 
    We should think of the things we truly adore. 
    Good times are there in the past of our lives 
    Whether it's with brothers, sisters, husbands or wives 
    If we have none of them just think of a friend 
    Remember a good thought, let happiness begin.
    Remember we've had joyous times in our past so the potential of happiness is plentiful in our present or future. If we have to grab a memory from our past to make us happy, at least it's something. 
    © Peter Coutermarsh June 28, 1994

Look to happy, joyous memories of the past during the times of loneliness to help hold on, until things get better.

Last updated September 12, 1998
The poem Loneliness is © 1996 by Siilin Sisu.
The Second poem Loneliness is used with permission of the author's sister.
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