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Lost Love
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Lost Love
Author Unknown
I used to love Kristen
but now I am a loser
and she hates me.
Treasure the ones you love
because you can lose them
at any time.
A Hallmark
From someone who has known love and lost

We found these words written on the top of an old abandoned missile post in Tilden Park, Berkeley, in the Spring of 1998.
The pain in the words, written several years ago, still reached into my heart (especially since the name was so close to my own. Thankfully, I was no where near Berkeley in 1995).
The writer I imagined was a young male, dealing with the loss of a first love at Christmas.
As I looked over the hills of Tilden with the cows grazing in the field below, I could only imagine the pain and the anguish felt by this anonymous writer over the loss of a love.
They are shared here so that all who have lost, will realize they are not alone in their feelings of loss.
Recently we revisited the area to look for these words. Time is taking its toll on the paint, so that it is more difficult to read the original words. You can only hope that the person who wrote them, the intense memories have faded with time, as the words are slowly fading from view.

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