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A Valentine's Wish for Love
Author Unknown
Love freely, love deeply, love purely.
Love yourself the way
you've always wanted to be loved,
and love others the same way.
Love well, love often.
Find it in your heart
to love those who have never shown you love
--they need it most of all.
Give so much love
that you're certain to get some back.
Love all that the earth has to offer--
people, birds, stones, insects,
trees, mice and oceans.
Love something--anything--with a passion!
Love something larger than yourself.
Call it God, Call it Nature,
Call it Divine, Call it the Source,
Call it Love.
This Valentine's Day wish comes from the Alliance members, The Borgardt's, Phil and Natalie. Natalie sent me these wonderful sentiment for Valentines Day 1998. We have updated them for 1999. I thought the words were appropriate for anyone, any day, so they are included on the site. I am not sure who the original author is, but I wonder if it might be the works of Dr. Leo Buscaglia. If anyone knows of the original author, please let me know, so we can credit them for these wonderful sentiments.
Last updated February 13, 1999
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