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The Lupine Page
(Hope is Contagious!)

From the book by the same title, Hope Is Contagious, by Margit Esser Porter is dedicated to those fighting breast cancer.

The Lupine is a flower that was chosen to symbolize the tenacity of cancer patients. To quote from Life Magazine:

Since this is also the message of this site, Transitional Medicine and learning how to SOAR,TM it was important to share some of the inspirational quotes and advice from this remarkable book.
There is something about breast cancer that makes it different from foot cancer, or for that matter, any other disease. It's about body image, it's about nurturing--it certainly is abut femimity. It is loaded for women in ways that other health threats are not. 
Amy S. Langer, age 42, Diagnosed 1984
Executive Director 
National Alliance of Breast Cancer Ogranizations
We live in an age when CANCER no longer has to mean a death sentence. 
Edythe, age 86, Diagnosed 1996  
Nobody but us 
really knows what it's like. 
Linda Ellerbee, age 52, Diagnosed 1992 
Television producer, journalist, author 
If you work, keep working. If you have a social life, keep socializing. Dont' let the cancer downgrade your life. Rather, force it into a role of enhancing your life.  
Bette, ag45, Diagnosed 1985 & 1995
Listen to music. Watch Birds. 
Gail, age 49, Diagnosed 1994
From the first day of the diagnosis I had to learn to live with fear and the ambiguity of this disease. The not knowing has been harder than any of the treatments. I finally found a place for the constant uncertainty of breast cancer. 
I take chances I never took before. 
I live life one day at a time and savor every moment. 
Elizabeth, age 35, Diagnosed 1995 
I believe that there are at lease as many "so-so" doctors out there as there are really good ones--find the one that works for you and with you. 
Lindy, age 47, Diagnosed 1984 
The doctors had a conference about my tumor, which was the size of a walnut and close to the chest wall.
They told me I had one year to live. 
That was twenty-six years ago! 
Martha, age 74, Diagnosed 1970 
The best support I got was from a woman who had lived throught both breast and ovarian cancer and was now 80 years old! My advice is to connect with women who have been there and are well now. 
Especially well in spirit! 
Patricia, age 53, Diagnosed 1991 
I had always thought that a diagnosis of breast cancer meant having to lose a breast. 
I was so relieved to find out that these days in many cases you can keep your breast and not have to trade it in for your life. 
Sarah, age 29, Diagnosed 1994 
Cry when you need to. 
Anne, age 57, Diagnosed 1996 


Hope Is Contagious: The Breast Cancer Treatment Survival Handbook by Margit Porter and  Norman Sadowsky. Published by Simon & Schuster, October 1997.
Last updated May 4, 1998
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