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The following poem comes from Karen McCombs, a mother who faced the loss of her son, to a devastating type of loss--murder.

Heaven and Earth
by Karen McCombs
      When the warmth of the sun touches my face, 
      I see your smile and feel your embrace. 
      I hear the whisper of love in the wind 
      And I know that you are close to me again. 
      The rain speaks of tears and the thunder of pain, 
      But soon the sun comes the earth to reclaim. 
      As the days come and go and the world moves on, 
      I know you're still here, you'll never be gone. 
      On the night the Angel came and took your hand, 
      We cried as you left for an unknown land. 
      But Heaven rejoiced as you came into sight, 
      For your soul was a diamond, shining so bright! 
© Karen McCombs, October 31, 1998
About the Author

Karen McCombs wrote this poem October 31, 1998. It was part of her way of dealing with the loss of her son, Jamie who was murdered May 12th 1998. Her site In Loving Memory contains many helpful links for those who are facing similar devastating losses.

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