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Article - The Five Roads to Meet Yourself
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This article comes from Cape Town South Africa, written by a Professor at the University of Stellenbosch, in response to the death of Dr. Leo Buscaglia. The article is written to share his own reflections on what he had learned from the teachings and the writings of Dr. Leo Buscaglia--the ability to discover the "real me."
The Five Roads to Meet Yourself
(a.k.a. How Dr. Buscaglia Changed My Life)

The Five Roads to Meet Yourself
by Ivan H. Meyer, Ph.D.

1. Don't compete with people.

2. Develop a mental success of yourself.

3. I am an original person.

4. Always respect people.

5. Finally enjoy life and remain human.

I hope some of you now understand why Dr Buscaglia is such a global teacher. The purpose of
training and teaching is to change behaviour. Dr Buscaglia can sleep well tonight because he has changed my behaviour.

Goodnight Papa!

Bye Dr Leo, a loved professor, a scholarly academic, a psycologist for the nation, a lecturer to the global university students, our mentor, and our dear father. The people of the African Continent will remember you because of your warmness, your kindness- a true reflection of the Ubuntu spirit.

Living, Loving and Learning

About the Author:

Dr. Ivan H. Meyer is a professor in the Department of Public and Development Management at the University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town South Africa
He is a senior lecturer teaching public management in South Africa and presents motivational seminars and workshops to underpriviledged people. Dr. Meyer states that " I never go to such talks without Leo's books."

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