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The Mountain Side
by Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS
In winter
    The yellow bells dance link sunbeams
      on the hillside
      in golden light
      filling me with peace.
    The purple floral eyes emerge
      sparkling in deep amethyst blue
      of promise
      touching my soul.
By spring
    Thistles replace the sunlight
      the soft violet blooms
      a sharp contrast to the stinging thorns.
    Despair where there was once hope.

    Barbs cut my legs as I pass by.
    I reach for the thorns,

      held by the pain
      grasping tighter.
    I watch the blood drain from my soul.
    I cannot let go.

    The fushia foxglove grows

      like embers from the flame
      faith springs anew
    healing my soul.
Through it all
    The ivory morning glories shine
      in purity
      in white light
      in hope
    I return from the mountainside
    Photography from Highway 120, Near Lake Don Pedro, CA Spring 1998
Last updated June 11, 1998
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