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This poem was inspired after walking the Labyrinth at the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco in the Summer 1997. As I walked through this ancient healing maze, I felt calmed and centered. I also realized that after finding the Labyrinth, "it would be playing some role in my life...directing me to realize that I would be finding, or creating a new path in medicine." (Quote From "Discovering the Internet " a live netcast hosted Oct. 7, 1997)  

Little did I know at that time, that part of that path would be to create a place for healing in cyberspace, now complete with our own On-line Labyrinth. 

I tried to capture my feelings walking through the labyrinth, to share with those who may not be able to visit a labyrinth. This poem also appears under the "Things to Experience" section of the Resource page, The Sacred Walk.

The Sacred Path

The tapestry of amethyst and gray stretches before me,  
A circular path with turns and twists.  
I stand at the entrance with questions:  
Which way do I go?  
Which path do I follow?  
Hesitant to begin the journey.  

Uncertain of what may be revealed.  
A deep breath for courage  
Hands clasped before me in strength.  
A single step forward  
I enter.  

I feel the warm textures of the tapestry,  
A comforting, soothing touch beneath my feet.  
Cautiously, carefully keeping to the narrow path  
Following every changing direction  
Placing one foot, then the next  
Moving closer towards the center.  

This ancient sacred path traveled by many  
in places near and far,  
in times present and long ago,  
I share the experience with those walking,  
A timeless connection to past, present and future.  
All deep in thought, solitude, and contemplation,  
Searching for answers in the midst of confusion  
Lost within the maze.  

My breathing becomes more rhythmic.  
An easy natural rate  
My mind begins to focus on the constant pace  
of walking, breathing,  
of just being.  
All cares and problems abandoned.  
My heart opens to hear the inner voice.  

Passing by others, each on their own private quest  
Searching for hopes and dreams,  
for answers to questions that remain unspoken.  
Quietly yielding to those who must stay true to the path.  
At times my steps may falter,  
I hesitate which direction to turn,  
but I return anew to the course.  

Step by step, each turn and twist  
I progress to the center,  
closer to finding my truth.  
Steady on the path  
to dreams, to healing, and to answers.  
Cleansing the mind.  
Mending the spirit.  
Healing the soul.  

At the heart of this labyrinth-- a quiet solitude  
A tranquil place to stay, to escape  
A respite from the turmoil of the outside world  
A place of rest and peace, of renewal.  

Time passes swiftly and soon I must depart.  
Reluctantly, I leave this haven  
with a promise to return again.  
A breath to center   
Hands free at my sides  
Silently, steadily  
Following the intricate ancient path  
I begin the journey home.  

I am met by others on their quest  
A respectful glance  
A shared smile  
A knowing of the common joyous experience.  
As I walk the path home  
my answer is revealed  
Restoring the faith, the belief and the trust  
Knowing that in time  
the true path will appear.  
This time, a new road  
a new path  
a new way of healing.  

I emerge,  

Kirsti A. Dyer MD, MS


The Veriditas Mission 
    Veriditas, the World-Wide Labyrinth Project, is the creation of the Reverend Dr. Lauren Artress, Episcopalian priest at the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. The mission is the reintrocuce the labyrinth in its many forms as a spiritual tool and establish labyrinths in cathedrals, retreat centers, hospitals, prisons, parks, airports and in community spaces around the world for community use. These labyrinths could then be utilized in times of joy, in times of sorrow, when in need of or search of hope. It could also be use on a regular basis for those seeking spiritual growth, healing or as a medatitive tool. 

    Veriditas is organizing a Global New Year's Eve Gathering on Friday December 31, 1999 at a labyrinth near you. They may organize another on-line netcase experience for those who cannot participate physically in person.

For more information on Veriditas The World-Wide Labyrinth Project at the Grace Cathedral, S.F. 
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