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In Memory of Pets

There is just starting to be research into how people are impacted by the loss of a cherished pet. Some of the earliest correspondence I had to this site, was from a concerned "grandmother" who's daughter just discovered that her pet of 14 years had terminal cancer.

When we lost our last family pet, last year, I needed to do something to remember him. When I thought about all the pets who aren't loved, are abandoned, abused or die alone, I realized that he'd had a pretty good life, to die as a large dog at age 13. I donated in his memory to the ASPCA and the Humane Society.

The following are a list of possible suggestions for ways to remember your pet.
Please email me email@kirstimd.com if you have others:

The following are a listing of suggestions from the Pet Loss Research Program, for ways to memorialize a pet:  
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