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Dr. Leo Buscaglia, 1994
"Sunset" Pledges
 from Michael Bischoff
The following pledges were made on July 18th, 1998 during the world-wide tribute to Dr. Leo Buscaglia's memory and his works, from Michael Bischoff, creator of the Simply Love Website, a website inspired and dedicated to the memory of Dr. Buscaglia.
 Michael wrote of his experiences on the Tribute "Sunset" My site wound up being a place just north of Chama, NM across the Colorado border, a lovely albeit nondescript hill, pond and field along the Cumbres Pass known as Trujillo Meadows. Having gone there many times before to pray and think things out, it felt like the best spot even if it wasn't the most scenic.

I listened to Leo tapes up and back (200 miles each way) and made notes for an upcoming writing that will be something like an "All I Ever Needed To Know I Learned In Kindergarten" poster.

Lighting a candle in my car, I made these pledges:

To strive to do loving things first each day--before getting caught up in the mundane.

To show love to someone else at least once, on a daily basis.

To do something charitable at least once a week.

To keep doing what I can to promote a lifestyle of love and living it by example.

To make sure I take the time to love myself as well.

To strive to keep a positive attitude.

To slow down and simplify, simplify, simplify!!!

To bond with others on The World of  Dr. Leo Buscaglia, on  Simply Love, and anywhere I can, for mutual help, support & encouragement at staying the path of love.

To remember to take time for sunsets.

These pledges are shared as a reminder to:

About the Author:

Simply Love is a website dedicated to promoting a spirit of love as life's most important value This site was was created by Michael Bischoff and is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Leo Buscaglia. Michael Bischoff has been a a broadcaster since 1976 and a group facilitator in mental health since 1992, specializing in relationship and socialization issues.
He is working a Master's Degree in counseling.

Last updated July 24, 1998
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