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~ Somewhere Over the Rainbow
The Rainbow
(For Lisa, Kent, Sam and Kelsey)
    I have been to a place 
    that exists somewhere beyond. 
    It is a world of peace and harmony 
    where all creatures are equal 
    and dreams are fulfilled. 

    No room for false pretenses 
    or deception 
    No place for prejudice 
    or hatred. 

    In this land of everlasting sunshine 
    and magnificent rainbows 
    The scent of flowers lingers, 
    their brilliant colors delight the eyes. 
    Birds create a symphony of merriment 
    as butterflies dance on the air. 

    A feeling of contentment and joy 
    like none experienced before. 
    Found only in this special place 
    and fills me with hope and renewal. 
    I can believe that anything is possible 
    in this land beyond. 

    Hold my hand. 
    Let me show you the way. 
    Share with me 
    this magical place 
    Somewhere beyond the rainbow. 

    And with Love for Cole

Last updated January 25, 1998
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