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Reach for the Light
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Reach for the Light
Performed by Steve Winwood
Theme from the movie 'Balto' (End Title)

This song from the movie Balto came out during my last year of residency in Santa Barbara. The words rang so true for me, cautioning about "The voices inside you can lead your soul astray," but encouraging you to "Believe in what you dream." The following verse was so helpful to me, in to keep believing that I was in medicine for the right reasons, and perhaps being a way to keep going, to keep believing when the purpose was unclear.  When I would begin to wonder "Why I was doing medicine," these words from this song would start playing in my mind, as perhaps my musical answer to the question.
Somewhere in time the truth shines through
And the spirit knows what it has to do
Somewhere in you there's a power with no name
It can rise to meet the moment and burn like a flame
And you can be stronger than anything you know
Hold on to what you see...
Little did I know in 1996 that we would eventually be create a website that would reach and help thousands, to inspire them to "Reach for the light to caputure a star," and "Come out of the Darkness."

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