Letting Go
Poem - Regrets Released on the Wind
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Regrets Released on the Wind

This latest poem started as a way of celebrate National Poetry Day, a way to finally let go of the past, and recognize this powerful symbolic means of letting go.
Little did I realize as I was writing it, that it would become even more symbolic for me of letting go of the past, as news of my boards came, and I missed passing by 4 points. Thankfully, I am not in a position where this impacts my ability to practice medicine, and I had decided to start pursuing Preventive Medicine. What concerns me about this new requirement placed on physicians (which was not mandatory 10 years ago) there were many  good physicians and healers, who may not be able to practice medicine because they cannot pass their boards, and others who can pass their boards, but who should not be practicing medicine.
A dear friend put this into perspective: Thanks Sandy.
Last updated November 14, 1998
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