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Sadness vs. the "Blues" vs. Depression
Am I depressed, sad, or just "blue"?
Sadness Under the traditional counseling definition for "Sadness": Children and Teenagers will often use the term "sad" when they really mean depressed, so this is something to be aware of and alerted to.

Everyone will feel sad from time to time depending on life events, just as everyone grieves. The concern is when this "sadness" becomes depression and the depression becomes dysfunctional.

The Blues

The concern is when the feelings of the blues linger on for more than two weeks. In this case, it may be a Depression. Left untreated, depression can become a serious and life-threatening disorder.


Several factors are different with depression:

In more mild cases, the level of functioning may appear to be normal, but it requires markedly increased effort to just maintain the normal level of activity.

Seeing Loss as a Chance to Grow

It is difficult in the midst of a loss, a change, or dissapointment to be able to see these experiences as learning experiences or a chance to grow (Sometime in experiencing a loss, I feel that I have learned enough...thank you very much). Often the sooner this can be realized, the sooner the event reframed, the sooner the sadness will change into a healing.
To quote Nena O'Nell on how to view crisis:

Nena O'Nell

If you are feeling like harming yourself or someone else, or are feeling depressed, helpless or hopeless, Call 911, your local suicide hot-line, or Crisis Intervention line, located in the Yellow Pages, or contact the Samaritans via e-mail at:

Call someone--a friend, or family member, your clergy or physician. Look in the Yellow pages under Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers and Psychiatrists, if you feel you may need immediate professional assistance.

If you or anyone you know seems to be experiencing depression, consider taking one of the quizzes on the other depression pages, Self Assessment Quiz or  Wakefield Questionnaire and contact your health care provider, counselor, clergy member or social worker and get the help you need.

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