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Things to Savor--Foods
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Things to Savor--Foods

There are certain things--foods, drinks, smells that provide comfort. Perhaps they evoke a child hood memory, or bring back a favorite time, a vacation, a person, a special day or event. We have tried to compile a list of foods and drinks which would evoke a positive memory for many people.

The list of food items here are Dietitian Approved. A dear friend and dietitian, Karen (Kimie) Yamada, RD, CNSD came up with the following list of "Emergency pick-me-up food" items. She cautions two things to keep in mind

  1. 1. Pick foods that will give you the taste and texture you want. This will be more satisfying
  2. 2. Healthy snacks are not always low in calories.
In recognizing that central to many culture centers is the interaction and dynamic with food, eating and drinking we have tried to be conscious of the role that food can play in to the point that eating disorders and alcoholism exist and are real issues. We have tried to include foods that will not be detrimental to those on a diet, and have avoided alcoholic beverages on the Drinks to Enjoy for health reasons.

Foods to enjoy (lower calorie)

Green Apples supposedly help to relieve migraine headaches.

Plain Rice cakes

Pretzels (unsalted) - lower in calories than chips and takes care of the crunch craving.

Popcorn - (unbuttered)

Orange, Grapefruit - any citrus fruits - lemons, limes

Lemon oil helps with alertness
Orange oil helps with depression
 Bananas - a good potassium source
Lowfat yogurt with sliced bananas

Easy to grab, Dietitian Approved Snacks
(not necessarily low calorie) from Karen Yamada, RD, CNSD
These snacks are more balanced, protein and carbohydrate sources, frequently needed by Diabetic patients. The protein and fat sources, although higher in calories, because they take longer to break down into their component parts will last longer and give you more energy without the carbohydrate "crash." The care that needs to be taken with these snacks is watching the calorie content, and factoring that into an overall diet plan. Happy snacking.

Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS

Toasted English muffin with melted cheese
Celery stuffed with peanut butter or part skim ricotta cheese
Apple wedges and peanut butter, or cheese
Low fat granola bars
String Cheese and whole wheat (lowfat) crackers
Lowfat yogurt with sliced bananas or raisins
Lowfat cottage cheese and fresh fruit slices
Unsalted trail mix
Rice cakes with cottage cheese, peanut butter or cheese

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