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Poems - Seashells
Journey of Hearts
A Healing Place in CyberSpaceTM
by Sandy Romer
  This poem comes from one of my dear friends and contributor to this site, Sandy Romer, whom I met when we both live in Santa Barbara, CA.
The beach has always been a favorite place for rejuvenation, and for healing...listening to the wind, the waves, the seagulls, and the seashells. It does make me stop to reflect at where has life gone...maybe the answers come from an internal source, rather than an external one. Listen for the answers from within, they will come when you need them.
Last updated August 20, 1998
Seashells is © 1998 Sandy Romer.
The photograph is from Hannali Bay in Kauai, HI and © 1998 Kirsti A. Dyer, with seashell embelishment.
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