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I am very pleased to be able to share some of these poems from Sharon Swinney. They come from her website, Mary's Home Page, one of our Alliance of Healing Heart Members. Sharon is another person who turned to writing poetry as a way of dealing with the grief after losing her daughter. Her words in "The Spare Room" describe the heartache, and the shattered dreams. In "Reality vs. Imaginary," the poem written sometime later captures the healing process.
The 'Spare' Room
"Reality vs. Imaginary" is the follow up poem to "The Spare Room." It was written in a way of getting one's dreams to come out, face the light of day and the reality.  Sharon writes:
About the Author:

Sharon Swinney turned to poetry as a way to deal with her grief after her daughter died. Mary was only 7 ½ weeks old when she died from a Congential Heart Defect. Sharon describes this even as "The hardest thing that our family has ever had to deal with."
Sharon found the poetry very helpful and was encouraged by others to put her poems together in a book. She was helped by the SANDS (Stillbirth And Neonatal Death Support, incl. miscarriage) organization in Australia to get the book published. She has discovered with her book that, "Mary seems to have been able to reach out and touch more people since her death, than she could in her life. I think she would have been pleased."
Sharon's motivation for creating the book, and for sharing her poems can be summarized in the following verse:

If only one person gets comfort from these poems,
Something to show them they are not alone.
Maybe even something to help them dull the pain,
Then I'll know, my precious little Mary,
Did not die in vain.

From the Heart by Sharon Swinney
A collection of poems written from a mother's heart, following the death of her young daughter Mary. For more of Sharon's poems visit her website for Mary at:

A portion of the purchase price of each book goes to SANDS Qld. to support the work of this self-help support group comprised of parents who have experienced the death of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, or shortly after birth. SANDS provides immediate and ongoing support to bereaved parents, families and friends.

SANDS is handling the sales of this book. The book costs $14AU which includes postage. They have credit card facilities for Master Card, Visa and Bank card.
If you are interested you can contact them:

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