This poem was written during my residency days...days that it was often better spent in dreams. When I first met Cole, my husband, this was one of the poems I had written that he commented on. It took a few months to realize the importance of weaving dreams...and that sometimes you do find the prince in your reality.
Tapestry of Dreams
      I create an elaborate, intricate tapestry 
      existing only in my mind. 
      I weave my imagination each day 
      and live the dreams each night. 

      The complex patterns emerge before me 
      the rich colors unfold. 
      As the design changes, 
      and the dreams evolve. 

      It is a realm without pain or jealousy 
      hurt or anger. 
      A place where one knows happiness 
      love and contentment. 

      I escape to this safe haven often, 
      to weave my dreams 
      and find peace. 
      There I find my serenity. 
      I know joy. 

      Here I met my prince 
      handsome, brave and strong. 
      He believes that I am  
      beautiful, intelligent and desirable. 
      He is like none I have ever met 
      caring, giving and protective. 
      I search for him in my reality 
      but I have not found him. 

      So it is here I wish to linger 
      to share my life. 
      With him I am one, 
      I am complete. 

      Reluctantly I return each day 
      to greet my stark reality. 
      A world filled with pain, anger and loneliness. 

      I search for the key 
      allowing me to remain. 
      Weaving my imagination 
      forever in my dreams. 

         © 1995 Kirsti A. Dyer
Last Updated September 16, 1998
Tapestry of Dreams is © 1995 Sisu Siilin and appears in Messages from the Heart: A Journey in Healing.
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