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The Window
Author Unknown

Once upon a time there were two men, both seriously ill, who shared a hospital room. Although the room was very small it did have one window. The man whose bed was next to this window was allowed to sit up in bed one hour a day. He would spend the entire hour describing to his roommate all the wonderful things he saw outside.
The window overlooked a manicured park with a deep-blue lake that was filled with swans. children would play at the water's edge, feed the swans and sail toy boats. Young lovers would walk hand-in-hand beneath the trees. There were flowers and grass and picnics and softball games. If that weren't enough, in the faraway distance, there was a fringe of trees and a fine view of the city's skyline.

The man on his back would listen to his roommate detail all of the many wonders, and he enjoyed every minute.


Then one afternoon, the thought struck him. "Why should the guy next to the window have all the enjoyment? Why shouldn't he get a chance?" He felt really ashamed for thinking these thoughts, but the more he thought about the injustice, the more he wanted a change. He'd do anything, he thought, to get moved to the bed with the view.

Not long thereafter, the man by the window got better, was released and went home.

Immediately, the roommate requested that he be moved to the bed next to the window. So they moved him.

The minute the nurses left the room, the fellow propped himself up--and with tremendous anticipation--finally got to look out the window and found himself,

facing a brick wall.

To me this confirms the quote by Einstein:

It also reminds me how important ones perspective is on life. That we can choose to look at things differently, make the best out of a bleak situation. Tthese were the techniques used by those who have survived being inprisoned, interned, a prisoners-of-war, or in concentration camps.
To use another famous quote by H. Jackson Brown Jr.:
Sometimes, the Heart sees what is invisible to the eye.
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The top photograph is from Hanalei Bay Kauai, Hawaii Spring 1998 by Kirsti A. Dyer.
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