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Light Candles This Holiday Season

This interactive, participatry page was designed to let you "light" candles on-line. As you follow along with the words, try speaking the words out loud to get a better effect. Then when ready, wand over the top of each candle with the mouse. Repeat the words as you light each candle. This will create a page of burning candles--for joy, hope, courage, peace, grace and love. 

I will light candles this Holiday Season
Candles of joy...despite all sadness,
Candles of hope...where despair keeps watch.

Candles of courage...where fear is ever present,

Candles of peace...for tempest-tossed days,

Candles of ease heavy burdens.

Candles of inspire all my living,

Candles that will burn all the year long.
Last updated December 9, 1999
This blessing was originally entitled, Light Candles at Christmas. The words were modified to make a more holiday neutral blessing.
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