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As they say, death comes in threes... 
The third was a call that I had been expecting for many years, in some regards hoping for...hearing that my Grandmother had died. 
We lost her five years ago to the affects of Alzheimer's...making it part of "The Longest Goodbye." 
I don't know if you are ever really ready, despite the intellectualizing, and all of the preparation. My aunt and uncle did not want to have a service. We may do something at Christmas, a moment of silence, perhaps getting a plant, but it seemed that I needed to do something more. 
My coping, as always, was turning to poetry. For the first time I managed to get down on paper, a lot of my feelings about death and having supervised many deaths as a physician. 
So to Grandma, Mildred Dyer, my last remaining Grandparent...who died December 9, 1998. 
My Wish for You
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