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Am I Really Depressed?
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Am I Really Depressed?
Self-Assessment Screening Questions
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General Information
Depression is one of the most common disorders and one that is frequently missed or overlooked by health care professionals or even family members. Depression affects not only the lives of those suffering from it, but also the lives of those closest to them.

Depression is more easily recognized by women. For men, frequently they will feel fatigued, having problems with concentration or memory, or problems with insomnia, and admit to being stressed, but often not recognize they are depressed.

If you suspect that you may be depressed then answer the following questions. After completing the checklist, it will be easier to determine if you would benefit from seeking professional medical care with potential pharmaceutical intervention.

If at least 5 of the symptoms listed below, including depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, are present for 2 weeks or longer without physical cause, a major depression is the likely diagnosis. A minor depressive condition can also exist and may be benefitted by intervention. Contact your health care provider for additional evaluation.

Screening Questions 
American Psychiatric Association DMS III, 1987:222-223
Signs and Symptoms
Do you, or anyone you know have any of the following signs?
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If you are feeling like harming yourself or someone else, or are feeling depressed, helpless or hopeless, Call 911, your local suicide hot-line, or Crisis Intervention line, located in the Yellow Pages, or contact the Samaritans via e-mail at:

Call someone--a friend, or family member, your clergy or physician. Look in the Yellow pages under Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers and Psychiatrists, if you feel you may need immediate professional assistance.

If you or anyone you know seems to be experiencing depression, consider taking one of the quizzes on the other depression pages, Self Assessment Quiz or  Wakefield Questionnaire and contact your health care provider, counselor, clergy member or social worker and get the help you need.

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