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This is a list of Medical Resources compiled from many sources, but the areas I have selected in some way relate to the topic of loss, or resources for helping to deal with the loss. Some were  suggested by colleagues or members of the Alliance, others I have found in medical journals or other medical sources.

Those resources selected are ones with good reliable information, from legitimate, reputable sources. In particular we have looked for comprehensive resources and those with good references lists for a particular area of interest, with the eye for both the general public and the medical profession. In some cases, those who have lived the loss are the best experts on the subject, so these sites have also been included.

The links and information resources are provided to allow people to obtain useful and more accurate information on a variety of subjects, to help them understand their loss. Disclaimer.

Since the topic of loss is so vast the listing of these resources is also vast and will be expanding as we discover more resources to include. If you know of a good resource (or discover a broken link) to be included on our listing please email us at:

You may want to use the Search Engine on the Medical Index Page for a specific request

Aging, Retirement & Elder Care

AIDS/HIV Alcoholism Allergy and Immunology ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's disease) Alternative & Complementary Medicine Alzheimer's Amputee Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (See ALS)

Anxiety Disorder

Art Therapy Arthritis Asthma Attention Deficit Disorder Autism Batten Disease Bereavement (see also Grief, Loss of Child) Blindness Brain Tumors (See also Cancer Resources) Breast Cancer Burn Survivors Cancer Caregiver's Chest Illnesses (see also Lung Diseases) Child Abuse Children/Pediatrics Compassionate Touch Continence Cystic Fibrosis Deaf-Blind, Deafened - See also Hearing Impairment Dentistry Depression - See also Mental Health DES (Diethylstilbestrol) Exposure Designated Drivers Diabetes disAbilities Domestic Violence Down Syndrome Drug and Pharmaceuticals Drug-Free, Healthy Lifestyle
These resources are provided for those visiting the site, looking for more information on a particular disease or a loss. These sites are not meant to serve as substitutes for medical information received from your physician.
We try to keep all information within these resources current, but because of the nature of the Internet, websites may change, without leaving updates, and information becomes outdated rapidly.
Last updated March 17, 1999
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