The response to the site has been beyond all expectations.
Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS
Comments About Journey of Hearts
Journey of Hearts 
A Healing Place in CyberSpaceTM
The comments we have received have been beyond anything that I could have expected. When the idea for the site came to us in September 1997, there was a hope that the site could become an international project, one that could help people in many countries. The comments we have received have been from around the world, indicating we are reaching out to those who have lost. 

Loss is an experience that is common to people of all races, creeds, religious belief, and colors. I believe that the number of people we will reach and those we can help within this website, may not be realized for several years. Because loss and grief are such deep, personal emotions, I believe that the responses here and in the guestbook are just a fraction of the true number of people we have touched.  

The following comments were complied from the e-mails that have been sent to the site. They are included to remind visitors that they are not alone in their losses. The comments confirm my belief of the importance in Telling the Story to the healing process.  

We also have a Transformations book for people to share what helped them cope, or their reactions to the site. Please feel free to comment and share. 

Sign Our Transformations Book View Our Transformations Book

Wishing you peace, health & happiness on your journey...  
Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS
April - June 1998
Thank you so much for your reference to your site! I can't begin to explain to you the impact it had on me. My husband was in a shooting in the line of duty 2/97. Since then he has been diagnosed with PTSD. The changes that have impacted our lives are at times insurmountable.  
Your site was just the uplift I needed!!!! I am passing it on to others that have impacted my life since this event took place.  
I signed on the same web page on 12/24/97 if you are interested in any of the details. You'll see that you were an answer to my request for help.  
Thanks again for being there when others need a your profession.......and on the web!!!!!  
Linda Russell
I have added a link to your site in three places [on]. 
I would also like to give you an award to put on your awards page. It is the Best of the Net Award for June. I am very picky about the awards and have only given a BON award once before. 
I truly love your site it is rich in comfort for those who are bereaved. 
I will continue to check your site out from time to time. 
Thanks and congratulations on a wonderful site. 

Trudy M. Weathersby

We both want to thank you for setting up such a wonderful site. There are so many different levels of mourning, and people mourn different ways for different things. We also think that it is great that you encourage men in mourning. We have found that that is rare. For instance, when we lost our baby (miscarriage) in 1986, while I got lots of support and condolences, the only person who offered any to Leigh was my mother. 
I want to thank you for one other thing. I am a published poet. I enjoy writing poetry, and sharing it with others. Due to the fact that right now my husband and I are facing a major crisis in our lives, I have been totally unable to even think, never mind create any poetry. Well, your site has been a wonderful source of comfort to us during this time, and today, for the first time since the crisis first popped up, I was able to write. I have attached the poem, [Butterflies]and hope you enjoy it. 
Keep up the good work.
Karen & Leigh Fahel
Your site, Journey of Hearts, (we love it!) has won our HOT SITE! Award presented for outstanding content and valuable service provided to the Internet community.  
Yvonne Cooper
A friend found your site on the web and mailed the poem "DARKNESS" to me.  
I have to tell you it really blessed me more than you know or should I say as much as you probably do know. It came at a time 2 days after I tried to slash my wrist, 3 wks ago. It's a long story, but suffice to say that this expressed what I couldn't put into words. I showed it to my counsellor. She thought it was beautiful.  
Your ministry (which it is) is a gift from God. I'm on the road to self recovery. It's a long one! Just wanted to say thanks for being there. 
Yours in Christ 
Great website!   
I am dealing my son's diagnosis of leukemia last August, and his bone marrow transplant last November.  Tough business, and your website validates the feelings of individuals dealing with major life altering events. 
Keep up the good work. 
I felt a wonderful sense of peace reading your web page. I am sure you help thousands.  
I just wanted to tell you thank you for caring. 
Nancy Dyer
PS (yes my real last name too)
I just think this web site is wonderful. I lost a boyfriend while we were in college (1992) to a drunk driving accident. I wish you were around then. One of my dear friends lost her husband two weeks ago. He was electrocuted at age 31. She is 26 with a 2 1/2 year old and a 8 month old. She is in so much pain right now. I want to tell her to look at this web site but she does not have a computer. 
I work with cancer patients as a Radiation Therapist and I see death all of the time. What I have experienced has helped me to deal with and help these helpless victims of a horrible disease. 
Keep up the good work! 
 Quote for A Butterfly Light
Greetings and peace! 
Just to let you know that your site is a USA TODAY "Hot Site" for June 12.  
Great service you bring to cyber-world. I imagine you will get a flood of responses. There are a lot of needy people out there.  
Fr. Brian Cavanaugh, TOR 
Franciscan University 
Apple Seeds 
I have told many friends about your site since I first found it. 
If  I could of found this site a few years ago it would of made ALL the difference in the world. When you're SO down you try to look for help everywhere and you don't know how to find it. 

This New Search Engine on your site is the Best. It will make it so easy for all of us to find other links that will help us to heal.  
Your Site is the Best. 
Thanks Again from All of us out there with a Broken Heart.  Keep up the This Wonderful Site. 

I'm impressed [with the website]! 
I think it looks great! Really neat coments.  Lots of info, you can get lost in a good way.  
Love Stephanie
Your Wonderful Web Page!  
I think that your web site offers a wonderful respite from a number of things people deal with every day. I have linked to your site under my own web site in the "Medical Information Online" section on the "To Go & To Do Page." The goal of my site is not only to provide contact information on my law practice, but to provide links to a variety of valuable resources on the 'Net.  
I truly believe that your site is one of the most valuable resources I've come across.  
Thanks for your time.  --  
Susan G. Rager, P.C. Attorney-at-Law 
Northern Neck of Virginia Law Page
You've got a great site there.  
I've got your site bookmarked for inclusion in our resources section. Great resource, by the way.   
And from the editors desk for the week of June 22, 1998, featuring Journey of Hearts:  
"Every once and a while, I come across a site that really shows that hope and healing are alive on the Internet. "  
Tom Chaplin 
A website for friends and family of alcoholics
Great job! Keep it up!!!  
I really do appreciate your site.  I came home, recently to find our newest pet, a particulary small newt--dead. :`( 
I was significantly surprised by the way this affected me.  I couldn't sleep that night and eventually went to your site, poured my heart out, cried a bucket over my keyboard and then I went to bed.  
I personally thank you for this site.  It is simply great.  
I passed it on to one of my friends who is a hospice nurse as well.  
Lisa :)
 I like your site it is an A-Plus! 
Please keep in touch.   
WEBMASTER Cyber Heaven.
P.S. My son was murdered in 1993. 
This is his U.R.L.
I don't remember who mailed me your site, but thanks for it.  It's been a real joy for me. 
I guess one of my friends did, you see, they help me along.  I am an adult female with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), and they're always sending me sites to help me feel good.  Along with that I also have major depressive disorder, so I spend a lot of time on the net surfing for support places. 
I am spending a good bit of time reading in here [Journey of Hearts], and appreciate your time and effort on this site. 
I just lost my brother June 6,1998 and a friend found this site for me.  
I want to tell you what a great site this is and it has helped me when the grief has been so strong.  My brother died from  unknown causes.  We are still waiting for the autopsy report.  
He was only  33 and had minor surgery two days before he died at home. 
Thank you,
This site is more than just helping all of us who have a Broken Heart, it tells Us someone Cares!!!  
I know it's very hard for people to open up to anybody or even want to trust anybody again, but we have to so that our Hearts may once again start to heal and learn to trust again.  
My Only Son was murdered just 4 years ago June 5th and last July 16th we finally put both of the men who did this in prison. It took a long time and it's not over yet. Now they are starting their appeals and the road gets longer.  
You hang in their with us we will get through this dark hole. You are making a Difference!  
Take Care, 
Thank You from all us out here with broken hearts. 
Part 3. The more I visit Journey of Hearts, the more I love it.  I try not to "live" on the Internet, after all, I DO have a life.  So each time I get on to check e-mail, I visit you again & check out a little more.   
You've done a great job & should be very proud of yourself!!!! 
Ruth, Ontario
Part 1. This is a beautiful site. I will share it with my friends and medical professionals to share with patients.  
Lisa Perry-Gilkes, M.D.
Your site is wonderful. You have done a great job. I really love your page. It's probably the closest in all respects to my 
site [Serenity] that I've seen -- helping others cope. 
Greetings from Michael (Andy) Anderson
                     Serenity Website
I visited your web site today. Congratulations on what I consider a five star site. This site is comfortable, easy to visit, professional and well designed. People dealing with loss will certainly find a helpful place to stop in their grief journey. Bless you for the time and effort. Once again welcome and thanks for your wonderful site. 
Jerry Boles
 Originator of
10 Year Hospice Volunteer,
Bereavement Facilitator
Wyoming State Hospice, Board of Directors
Part 2: I shared it with a bunch of people, physicians, clergy, many parish members and friends and have already received responses of praise.  
Lisa Perry-Gilkes, M.D.
Love this Site! 
I am a hospice volunteer, for the Hospice of Peel which services the Region of Peel--including Brampton and Mississauga, Ontario. I am new to the area I am living and also to the wonders of the web.  My new husband found the hospice news site for me and from that I got your site.  I am glad you are here and will share the info with other volunteers as well as clients and families. Thanks. 

Part 2: The more time I spend at Journey of Hearts, the more I love it!  You have really put a lot of energy into this project and it is quite good. 

Ruth, Ontario 
What a truly wonderful site, thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world, Kirsti - I could spend hours I haven't got to spend here.  A really valuable resource that I'm sure has helped and will help many in the years to come.    
(New Zealand)
In Memory of Her Daughter, Michelle
I just found your page and think it's wonderful!  
I facilitate grief support groups for teens and adults and I teach death and bereavement issues. Keep up the fine work! You have an excellent site and are to be commended for helping those who are grieving. I will be visiting frequently! 
Ed :)
The Cor Ad Cor Loquitur Five Hearts Award for Excellence is given to those sites that convey the message: "Heart to heart we can make it through our problems. As long as we keep trying and give of ourselves, the healing goes on." It is given to sites with that special something that appeals to the hearts of those who suffer with Alcoholism, Manic Depression or ANY illness, and sites with "a warm heartbeat."  
Jes Sharai, 
Our mother died March 26,1998 from a stroke her name was Vera Thompson. A close neighbour just dropped the poem [The Day God Called You Home] in my mailbox and it has really helped through these months. I would be honoured if you would post this in her memory. Thank you. I visit your site daily.  
Pearl Hampton
You don't know what a tremendous gift you gave me.  
A good friend of mine sent me the address of your web page. I have been extremely down for the past week. Things are not going good in my life. I have had to deal with alot lately and I was considering suicide. It is like my friend knew and because he is such a loving, caring man he sent this [address] to me. God bless you. I cried the whole time I was reading the wonderful, inspirational stories, poems and songs on this page but it was a healing type of crying. I bookmarked the page so that anytime I am feeling low I can come back.  
Thank you seems so inadequate to express to you how I feel. God was looking down on me today. I had pretty much given up my belief in the goodness of people because of some uncomprehensible things that certain people in the government have done to me. I am a very loving and caring person and I have found it hard to deal with the hatred I feel [regarding the social services department]. I pray constantly but until I found your site, I felt like my prayers were not being answered. Soon, I hope, I will be able to resume my normal life but until than I am so happy to have found your site to get me over the rough spots.  
Tell Tim I found his e-mail inspirational and that I smiled as he improved. I am so very happy for him.  
I have a friend who recently lost her 11 y/o son in an automobile accident and another friend who lost his dad. I will definitely be emailing them the address of your site.  
Thank you for restoring my faith.  
You are definitely "an angel in the doctor's coat."  
Your site is great.  
I have  placed a link on one of my pages to your site. MUCH TOO YOUNG page, in memory of the son-in-law and granddaughter of a co-worker.  This page was one way I felt I could help her honor their memory and maybe help ease her grief by having additional links to sites that deal with grief.  
Keep up the good work
Mary Denson 
College Counselor/Advisor in Southeast Texas College,  Keep On Keeping On
You are amazing!!!  I am soooimpressed at what you have accomplished and continue to accomplish on your site.  
Natalie  :-)
Great Job. Congratulations!  
We like your web site so much that we've added it to the directory.  
The Healthlinks directory is one of the most comprehensive online directories available specifically for the use of healthcare professionals. The directory lists only web sites that offer professional-level information on healthcare.  
We are pleased to recognize the work and skill that has gone into your web site and are happy to be able to contribute to its success by including it in the directory.  
Stan Gelber 
What a wonderful website you have created !  
It is with great pleasure that we will establish a link.  
Thank you !  
Lance Johnston, Director
Batten Disease Support and Research Assn.
I loved your web sight.  
Keep up the good work.   
Good Luck & God Bless,
    A. L. (Sonny) Shaw, MD
    Diplomate, American Board of Anesthesiology,
American Board Anesthesiology-Subspecialty Certification in Pain Management,
Diplomate American Board Pain Medicine,  Diplomate American Board  Hospice & Pallative Medicine, 
Medical Director of Advanced Pain Care Fort Worth, TX 
I was at the site for babies [Shrine in Memory of Children Who have Died Unborn] who died before being born. What a wonderful idea.  
I put in the name of my stillborn step- granddaughter. Its too bad something like this wasn't around for my stepdaughter when she had the baby. She had a very difficult time letting go of Eva and this would have been a way for her to release some of that grief and need to hang on forever. 
Your web site is beautiful and healing--I will definitely recommend it to anyone dealing with grief and loss.  
Thanks for your creative and compassionate contributions to the world.  
Dale Larson, PhD
Hospice Home Page


I would like to tell you that I am glad there are sites like yours out there. 
I lost three of my children and it helps to know that there are people out there who can relate to what I live with on a daily basis. 
What a pleasure to view such a beautiful and inspirational site. I am honored to present you with my award of Love and Compassion. She will feel right at home on one of your pages.  This award is given to sites that I feel are showing Love and  Compassion to others.  There are so many who are suffering from Illness or the loss of a love one.  
There are those going through the grieving process and need a kind word from a friend.  The web site is a wonderful place for people to find comfort in their time of need.  I personally have visited [this] site and have felt the love and compassion coming through  my computer.  
I have received words of inspiration that has uplifted me in my hours of grieving.  The loss of a child, spouce,  parent or friend can be devastating.  We have witnessed that with the tragic death of Princess Diana.  I think we all were effected by her death.  
Loris Wilson
Memorial to My Daughter 
This web site was on one of the most meaningful and helpful to me as I grieve the loss of my father last month.  His death was unexpected and for a while I thought I couldn't go on.  Thanks for giving me a place to know others share my feelings and to find new and better ways of seeing things.  
The humor portion was unexpected, and made me laugh for the first time since his death.  I've gone through each section of the site and found meaning throughout. 
With heartfelt gratitude,
I visited your web site, and cried.  Thank you.   
I lost 4 friends in 10 days last summer (24 May and 3 June). I am still in deep shock and mourning for my best friend Mike and the others, Andy, Ashley and Jeremy. They were all killed by drunk drivers.   
You have helped my on my journey to the new life I must live without them.  
God Bless,
Contributor The Beauty of Death 
In memory of Four Special Friends
Thank you so much for your wonderful website.  I too am in the health field, I am a RN.  I lost my husband 2 years ago suddenly when he became septic and went into cardio- pulmonary colaspe of unknown orgin at the age of 40.  
Your  words and poems have touched my soul----thanks for sharing them.  
Part 2:  I have been looking at your site for the last hour at least.  It has to be the most wonderful grief support place I have visited. You had to be inspired to have created such a wonderful place, and again I want to thank you.  
Hoberta, R.N
Thanks for your wonderful website. I've shared it with people and it really is a "healing place".   
Lucy Thomas
Medical Library Director, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
I have spent the last hour or so on your site, and I must tell you what a special site you have created! I found myself engrossed in the stories and poems on your pages. 
I wish there were more doctors like you, who are not afraid of dealing with the dying.  
Thank you so much for letting me know about your site. It's wonderful!  
I will be back many times! 
Pam North, R.N.
Pam's Place on the Net
Thanks for putting up such a beautiful site.  
My wife died last month, aged 36, from breast cancer. I have been  wandering through the web, searching for something - I didn't know what until I hit your site last night. There I found peace and tranquility. I felt as if I was walking through a flower-filled garden at sunset.  
"Fly" by Celine Dion was on auto-repeat on my CD player - The last piece of music we played as her remains were carried out of the church by  myself and her three brothers.  
Your site eased a broken heart and lifted a fallen spirit. I left feeling refreshed and slept peacefully - thank you!  
The 21st of April will be our third wedding anniversary - I shall return then and wander once more.   
Sincere Thanks, 
I just found your web site and think it's a wonderful service and so much needed.  I wish something like this had been available 10 years ago when my only daughter Michele was killed in an automobile accident.   
I agree that making something positive from our tragedies is a way of honoring those who die. I wish you well with the Journey of Hearts.  Thank you again for your caring and compassion. 

What a wonderful site you have -- I am so impressed with the kindness, love and support pouring from your pages. I am so grateful to know a Journey of Hearts is out there!   
Sharon Mnich

I went to your "wonderful" web site and explored it. That is a great service for those in need. You are indeed a "healer." Perhaps our synergy will make a difference to people in need of caring and sharing.     
Blessings on your wonderful work,    
Richard F.X. O'Connor, 
It totally blew me away! It's incredible! It is an excellent, useful endeavor that anyone could use, even by those not touched by grief. The colors draw you in, making you want to explore more; the site is imaginative, beautiful, and helpful. It is as though you have a friend sitting there with you who can help. I will be prescribing it to patients.   
Dr. Ololadae Reis
I discovered your site [though the AOL Pet Section] looking for some comfort from the pain of the death of my beloved dog on my birthday.  It is very nice to actually find some comfort, which I did in finding your site.    
My family has a hereditary blood disease and death has been a familiar visitor in our lives.  A few years ago my younger brother (32) died from a pulmonary embolism.  It was the hardest thing I have ever went through in my life. In fact, it changed my life forever.  I read everything available, I needed help! The grief was all consuming. I couldn't function for months and months, maybe even years!  I will tell them [my family] about your site.    
Again, thank you for your site... you helped a lost soul in cyberspace get through a really tough night.   
Thank you with all my heart!
This web site is a good resource because it is available anytime day or night, whenever the need for support arises especially when your friends go on with their busy lives and you haven't fulfilled your need to grieve.  
            Patricia J. Paternoster, R.N. 
Part 1. I have never done anything like this before but I just had to let you know  how much your web-page meant to me.  I saw your article last sunday and knew  right then and there, that it was going to be something special.  I just bought  a computer last week and had been e-mailing  friends night and day, telling them how depressed I was.  I lost my father to cancer in 1987 (age 52) my mother lost her battle to cancer in 1994 (age 57), and my sister died in a sudden car accident in 1996 (age 38). I tell you the ages to give you an idea of how young and how much life was left in all my  loved ones.  
I have been living with so much pain for so long, I felt I would never get back on track.  I browsed your web page this morning, and I have to say there is hope after all !  I became so inspired after reading some of the  
storys and poems, I even printed out a few of my favorites, "Rainbow" is now tacked to my wall.  Grief is such a powerful empty feeling, it's comforting to know somebody else out there knows the feeling, I guess I'm not losing my mind after all, Friends yes, but not my mind.  Thank-you so much for caring, and creating this special web-page.  You have helped one person for a day.  
PS....  I took advantage of the virtual flower arrangment, and sent one off to my lovely Aunt. 
On the Labyrinth Connections and the On-line Labyrinth:  

What a thoughtful site. [It] is one of the better links [to Veriditas] that I've seen.  

The Reverend Dr. Lauren Artress.
Keep up the 'wunderful' work -- more power to you, and accolades, as well.  
I'm sending [the site URL] on to others... Great information, pretty informative stuff!  
Looks nice and appears comforting to me. I'm enjoying looking and will look again soon.    
It's an awesome site!  
Part 2. 
I'm writing to you once again to let you know how you have opened my eyes to new beginings.  For the last  two weeks I have been really depressed, it felt strange to be this depressed  when I am going on eighteen months since my sister passed away, I always thought  you were suppose to feel better as time went on, after reading your  "journey of hearts" I learned you have to accept the loss. Iv'e been living in  denial and rage this whole time, I'm now ready to face this loss and get back on  the road to having a productive life.  
I have been unable to work due to my condition, and of course everyone thinks  I'm a lazy bum, that's the most frustrating part of this journey, tryng to explain to someone who has never experienced a loss, that you're not lazy.  
I can feel my self-esteem and confidence sliding back into place,ever so slowly,  I think that's where the butterfly comes in to play, I'm growing my wings.  I know it's going to be a long journey, I'm just grateful to feel good today.  I will keep you updated on my journey to happiness.   
The first thing I did this morning was read from "Rainbow expressions, believe in the color of your Rainbow" I hope to leave my apartment today and go job searching.   
Thanks for listening, writing my feelings down really seems to help.  
I am quite impressed with your site, Thanks for doing such a great job!  
Sheri Moreau 
To the Angel in the Doctor's Coat:  
I find it refreshing to encounter someone else with the same interest in 
healing souls. 
I have resolved to be a regular visitor.   
It's now on my list of favorite places for easy access. You've earned a fan.  
-- Abby
Part 3: Your web site has made a huge impact on my emotional well being.  
"Believe in the color of your Rainbow" gives me that extra incentive to go out there and tackle the world.   
The wings are starting to flap!    
I don't know if it was a coincidence or if my guardian angel steered me towards your site.  
It doesn't matter, whatever it was it worked !!!!  
The website is very impressive and wonderfully helpful.  What a wonderful thought to have created this.  I look forward to visiting it again and continuing my journey.    
Thank You
I am happy to write you that your site has recently been awarded a Mental Health Net award, the largest review guide of mental health, psychology, and psychiatry resources online today. Mental Health Net is an organization devoted to mental health information and education resources online.   
Congratulations and keep up the excellent online work you do!  
John M. Grohol, Psy.D.
Director Mental Health Net
The website is wonderful!! I am sure it is already helping countless people. We just have to get the word out that it exists!! I have told some people about Journey of Hearts and gotten lots of positive feedback. VERY nice work!! It must feel very good to know you are reachng so many people and doing such good for their hearts with the site!!   
I am very proud to know the Imagineer behind it.   
:)  Dr. Shieva Khayam-Bashi
I enjoyed a quick tour of your web site. I am an accountant in the middle of tax season, but I'll be back...  
I lost my mother on March 8th (her husband, my step-father died in October) and my Grandmother on March 14th. I have a lot of issues still relating to my relationship with mother and her recent death, compounded by a busy season, causing stress at home.  
I have a business acqaintance who lost his wife recently and a co-worker who lost her husband.  I have shared you website with both of them.  
I will revisit your web site and appreciate that it is there.     
I found your web site today and I congratulate you. I am a retired surgeon who lost his only child and son 5 weeks ago.   
My wife and I are devastated but slowly putting our lives back in order. Your words and advice are helpful and have given me some solace although I realise that I have a long way to go before any harmony returns to my life.   
Dr. Alastair Jamieson

Part 4. Your site has brought me new strength each and every day, it's magical !  I never thought I would get back to my "normal" life again.  I'M BACK, at least for now.   
Thanks again for all your help, I'll be in touch.  

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