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~ Presentations about Journey of Hearts ~

A variety of presentations and/or lectures have been made and articles have been written over the years of creating and maintaining the Journey of Hearts Website. Many of the papers wrtten about Journey of Hearts have been presented at a variety of medical conferences. Some of the presentations have been based on research and observations made about the site. Others have been more educational and informative, meeting CME (Continuing Medical Education) criteria.

The presentations are included here in reverse chronological order with links to available accompanying text information e.g. the abstract, online citation or full article (when available).

  • Guest Lecture, California Maritime Academy, February 2002 - "How to Cope with Loss, Grief, Death & Dying—Professionally & Personally" for the California State University, Maritime Social Science course on "Dying: The Final Stage of Living." Course objectives and links to handouts used are available at: CSUM.
  • Supercourse, University of Pittsberg - "Ethical Challenges on the Medical and Healthcare Internet." This lecture is a revised version of the Medinfo presentation. Available at: Leaving Site
  • Medical Grand Rounds, Kaiser Permanente, November 2001 - "Identifying Loss(es) and the Grief Response in our Patients." Course objectives available at: Kaiser.
  • Medinfo 2001, Tenth World Congress on Health and Medical Informatics, September 2001 - London, England. Paper "Medical Internet Ethics: A Field in Evolution." Abstract available at: Medinfo 2001. Powerpoint of presentation available online at: Leaving Site
  • Somatic Aspects of Loss and Grief, August 2001 - University of California Berkeley Extension, Professional Sequence on the Study of Loss and Grief. Course objectives available at: U.C. Berkeley.
  • AMSA (American Medical Student Association) 51st Annual Convention, March 2001 - "Dealing with Death and Dying in Medical Education and Practice." Resources used for presentation available at: AMSA: Death & Dying
  • Creativity and Madness, Psychological Studies of Art and Artists, December 2000 - Sponsored by the American Institute of Medical Education - Maui, Hawaii - CME Lecture on "Healing from Grief Using a Website, Color, Writing, Poetry and Wilderness Therapy." Course objectives available at: AIMED.
  • AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association) Annual Symposium, November 2000 - Converging Information, Technology and Health Care, Los Angeles, CA. Poster "Journey of Hearts: A Web Site for Web-education on Grief, Loss & Depression." Abstract available at:AMIA 2000.
  • ITCH (Information Technology in Community Health), August 2000 - University of Victoria, School of Information Health Sciences - Paper "Journey of Hearts: From Idea to Reality." Full article available at: Leaving Site
  • Mednet 99, The World Congress for the Internet in Medicine - Heidelberg, Germany. Paper "Lessons & Insights Learned from Creating a Unique Integrative Medical Website for Web-education." Full article available at: Mednet 99.
  • Mednet 98, The World Congress for the Internet in Medicine -  London, England. Electronic Poster "Using the Internet for Patient and Physician Web-education and Health Promotion." Full article available at: Mednet 98.

The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.

John F.Kennedy

See the Emergency 911 Page for links to immediate resources
if you are feeling helpless, hopeless, overwhelmingly depressed, or suicidal.

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